London Fog (nightclub)

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The London Fog
Screen captures joined from the film Mondo Bizarro from a shot of the Sunset Strip between Clark and Hilldale showing the Hamburger Hamlet, the London Fog, Galaxy & Galaxy Overflow, and Whisky a Go Go.
Address 8919 Sunset Blvd
Location West Hollywood, California 90069
Coordinates 34°05′29″N 118°23′10″W / 34.091354°N 118.386161°W / 34.091354; -118.386161Coordinates: 34°05′29″N 118°23′10″W / 34.091354°N 118.386161°W / 34.091354; -118.386161
Type nightclub
Genre(s) rock and roll
Opened mid 1960's

The London Fog was a 1960s nightclub located on the Sunset Strip in what was then unincorporated Los Angeles County, California (now in the city of West Hollywood). It is most notable for being the venue where The Doors had their first regular gigs for several months in early 1966 before becoming the house band at the Whisky a Go Go.[1]


The London Fog was located just west of the Whisky a Go Go, a few doors down, at 8919 Sunset Blvd.

In the years after its closure, much confusion has arisen as to what establishments occupied the space of the Fog after it closed.

Both Duke's Coffee Shop (in its original location) and Sneaky Pete's, a former nightclub featuring music, claimed to have replaced the London Fog. Photographs from the era show that both establishments were located further east of the London Fog, east of the Galaxy nightclub.[2][3][4]

In Oliver Stone's 1991 film The Doors, the scenes depicting the London Fog were shot at the location that became the Viper Room in 1993.[5]


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