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The London Varsity is an annual university rugby union match between King's College Rugby Club and University College, two colleges of the University of London. The Varsity is traditionally known as the "Jeremy George Cup" named after the founders of the respective universities, Jeremy Bentham and King George IV. Founded in 2004 by Adam Sommerfeld, the game celebrates the rivalry between King's College London and University College London which spans nearly two centuries.

Traditionally the London Varsity is held at the very end of the University Rugby season in March and until 2011 was held at Richmond Athletic Ground. In 2012 the game took place for the first time at the Twickenham Stoop.

In 2014, the London Varsity expanded to include six other sports with fixtures taking place over a week from 7 to 14 March, and is known as the London Varsity Series.[1]

Charity and Programme[edit]

Every Year a Charity is supported at the game with previous sponsors including KPMG and Adamant Partners.


In the modern era.

Men's Games:

2004: UCL 19 - 7 KCL
2005: UCL 11 - 7 KCL
2006: UCL
2007: UCL 18 - 5 KCL
2008: UCL
2009: KCL 12 -10 UCL
2010: UCL
2011: KCL 17 - 15 UCL
2012: UCL 24 - 7 KCL
2013: Not played
2014: UCL 16 - 9 KCL
2015: KCL 13 - 10 UCL

Women's Games:

2007: UCL
2008: UCL
2009: UCL
2010: UCL
2011: UCL 38 - 5 KCL
2012: UCL 28 - 5 KCL
2013: Not played
2014: UCL 10 - 7 KCL

Total Matches (Men's) KCL Wins UCL Wins Draws
11 3 8 0

The London Varsity Series[edit]

In 2014, a decision was made jointly by University College London Union and King's College London Students' Union to expand the varsity competition to include six sports in addition to the traditional rugby fixture.

The lineup for the 2014 London Varsity Series included fixtures in:

  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Waterpolo
  • Taekwondo
  • Fencing
  • Rugby League

The fixtures include both men's and women's games (except Netball) and the Hockey fixtures include matches between both unions' hockey clubs as well as both unions' medics' hockey clubs.

Every year an overall Player of The Series Award is a presented to the outstanding performer of the series. The inaugural winner of The Player of The Series Award was Septimus Theodoulou Knox from UCLU Men's Rugby.

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