The Lone Ranger (2003 film)

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The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger (2003 film).jpg
Title card
Directed by Jack Bender
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Running time 120 minutes
Distributor Warner Bros.
Original release August 21, 2003 (2003-08-21)

The Lone Ranger was a 2003 TV-movie and an attempt by The WB to revive the Lone Ranger franchise in a new generation. The film starred Chad Michael Murray as the Lone Ranger and Nathaniel Arcand as Tonto.


This version takes a look at the character in the years before he became a legend. It all begins with the introduction of Luke Hartman, a 20-year-old Boston law student who witnesses the murder of his brother, a Texas Ranger. He himself is wounded in the midst of the chaos, but is rescued by the Apache Tonto, and subsequently becomes smitten with Tonto's sister Alope. He then devotes his life to avenging the death of his brother and fighting injustice, and in the process becoming a worldwide legend.


Actor Role
Chad Michael Murray The Lone Ranger / Luke Hartman
Nathaniel Arcand Tonto
Anita Brown Alope
Fay Masterson Grace Hartman
Sebastian Spence Harmon Hartman
Wes Studi Kulakinah
Bradford Tatum Tryon
Jeffrey Nordling James Landry
Lauren German Emily Landry
Tod Thawley Tera
Gil Birmingham One Horn
Paul Schulze Sheriff Landry

Critical reception[edit]

The show was met with mixed reviews and the pilot didn't get picked up.[1][2][3]


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