The Lonely Profession

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The Lonely Profession was a made-for-television suspense film directed by Douglas Heyes.[1] It was first broadcast October 21, 1969 on NBC.[2]


Detective Leo Gordon is hired to trail Karen Mendaros, the mistress of a reclusive billionaire. When they meet, Gordon and Mendaros hit it off and check in at a motel. Gordon wakes up the next morning and discovers that Mendaros had been murdered during the night. Gordon opens his own investigation of Mendaros' past in an attempt to determine who killed Mendaros and why he's been set up as the fall guy.[3]

Main cast[edit]

Actor Role
Harry Guardino Lee Gordon
Dean Jagger Charles Van Cleve
Barbara McNair Donna Travers
Fernando Lamas Dominic Savarona
Joseph Cotten Martin Bannister
Jack Carter Freddie Farber
Ina Balin Karen Menardos
Dina Merrill Beatrice Savarona
Troy Donahue Julian Thatcher


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