The Longest Day in Chang'an

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The Longest Day in Chang'an
The Longest Day in Chang'An poster.jpg
MandarinCháng'ān Shī'èr Shíchén
GenreHistorical suspense drama
Based onThe Longest Day in Chang'an by Ma Boyong
Written byPaw Studio
Directed byCao Dun
StarringLei Jiayin
Jackson Yee
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes48
Executive producer(s)Liang Chao
Production location(s)Xiangshan Film and Television Town, Xiangyang, Hubei
Production company(s)Youku
Beijing Weying Technology Co.,Ltd
Liu Bai Entertainment
Yuyue Film Co.,Ltd
Original networkYouku
First shown inChina
Original releaseJune 27, 2019 (2019-06-27) –

The Longest Day in Chang'an (Chinese: 长安十二时辰) is a 2019 Chinese historical suspense drama directed by Cao Dun and written by Paw Studio. The series stars Lei Jiayin and Jackson Yee.[1][2] It is based on the novel of the same name by Ma Boyong. The Longest Day in Chang'an is produced jointly by Youku, Beijing Weying Technology Co.,Ltd, Liu Bai Entertainment and Yuyue Film Co.,Ltd. The series follows the characters Zhang Xiaojing and Li Bi, and their efforts to foil a terrorist attack on Chang'an, the capital of the Tang dynasty (618–907). It began airing in China on Youku from June 27, 2019.[3][4]


Zhang Xiaojing is a former soldier in the Longyou Army who served on the frontiers of the Tang dynasty. After retiring, he joined the local security of the city of Chang'an, the heart of the empire, but he was imprisoned and sentenced to death after an incident in which Zhang killed 34 members of a gang that murdered his former Army commander Wen, and then killed his current commanding officer.

Zhang is unexpectedly reprieved when plans for a major rebellion are uncovered, involving a terrorist cell, the Wolf Squad, which has slipped into Chang'an before the Lantern Festival, one of the most spectacular days in the ancient Chinese calendar. To secure the safety of the Chang'an people, the Jing'an Si (Department of City Security) grants Zhang a special 24-hour amnesty, and he is ordered to catch the terrorists and foil the plot before the day is out. If he succeeds, he will be freed, otherwise, he will be executed. But to his surprise, Zhang discovers that he has been drawn into a far greater conspiracy against the empire than anyone had suspected.




  • Zhou Yiwei as Long Bo
  • Peng Guanying as Qin Zheng
  • Wu Xiaoliang as Cao Poyan
  • Han Tongsheng as He Zhizhang
  • Cai Lu as Cui Qi
  • Lu Fangsheng as Yao Runeng
  • Yu Ailei as Yuan Zai
  • Djimon Hounsou as Master Ge (voiced by Chen Jianbin)
  • Zhao Wei as Xu Bin
  • Song Yunhao as Cheng Shen (based on Cen Shen)
  • Feng Jiayi as Emperor Xuanzong of Tang
  • Reyizha Alimjan as Tan Qi
  • Xu Lu as Yang Yuhuan
  • Wang Herun as Wen Ran
  • Ai Ru as Wang Runxiu
  • Gao Ye as Li Xiangxiang
  • Li Yuan as Yu Chang
  • Wang Sisi as Ding Tong'er
  • Qu Shanshan as Xu Hezi
  • Zhou Lula as Li Yu
  • Sukhee Ariunbyamba as Mage'er
  • Yin Zhusheng as Lin Jiulang (based on Li Linfu)
  • Yang Yi as Wen Wuji
  • Ge Zhao'en as Prince Yong
  • Robert Gilabert as Long Bo´s warrior Pifu


1."Qingpingyue (清平乐)" (Ending theme)Li BaiZhao LiangqiLiu Mei2:59
2."A short song (短歌行)" (Ending theme)Li BaiZhao LiangqiLiu Mei3:52
3."Quelehuoduo (阙勒霍多)" (Interlude)Gong GeGong GeGong Ge3:46
4."Chivalrous Tour (侠客行)" (Interlude)Li BaiZhao LiangqiReyizha Alimjan4:08


Before shooting, Cao Dun and the screenplay writers read the original novel three times.

The crew spent 7 months building the street scenery of Chang'an city.

In order to design the costume of Taoist priest Li Bi, the crew went to consult the Chinese Taoist Association.[5]

Shooting began on November 11, 2017 and ended on June 15, 2018.[6][7]


The series aired on Chinese online video platform Youku on June 27, 2019. As of July 1, 2019, it got released in other Asian countries, such as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. It was released in North America through video streaming website including Viki, Amazon and YouTube.[4]

Series 1 began streaming in Australia on SBS On Demand as of 22 January 2020.[8]


The series has earned high praises.[9] Douban, a major Chinese media rating site, gave the drama 8.6 out of 10.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award Category Nominee Results Ref.
The Third Internet Film Festival Best Web Series The Longest Day in Chang'an Won [10]
Best Actor Lei Jiayin
Best Producer Liang Chao
24th Busan International Film Festival Asian Contents Awards - Best Actor Lei Jiayin Won [11]
3rd Yinchuan Internet Film Festival Best Web Series The Longest Day in Chang'an Nominated [12]
Best Director (Web series) Cao Dun Won
Best Actor (Web series) Lei Jiayin Won
26th Huading Awards Best Director Cao Dun Nominated [13]
Best Actor Lei Jiayin Nominated
Best Actress (Historical drama) Re Yizha Nominated
Best Newcomer Jackson Yee Nominated
Best Producer Liang Chao Nominated
Top Ten Favorite Actors Lei Jiayin Won
Jackson Yee Won
2nd Cultural and Entertainment Industry Congress Drama of the Year The Longest Day in Chang'an Nominated [14]
Best Actor (Drama) Lei Jiayin Nominated
Best Supporting Actor (Drama) Cai Lu Nominated
Best Supporting Actress (Drama) Re Yizha Nominated
Breakthrough Actor (Drama) Jackson Yee Nominated
Best On-screen Portrayal Zhang Xiaojing (Lei Jiayin) Nominated
China Entertainment Industry Summit
(Golden Pufferfish Awards)
Best Drama The Longest Day in Chang'an Won [15]
China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival
(1st Network Drama Awards)
Quality Web Drama Won [16]
Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival Best Web Series Nominated [17][18][19]
Quality Web Drama of the Year Won
Best Actor Lei Jiayin Nominated
Best Actress Xu Lu Nominated
Rising Actress of the Year Won
Best Newcomer Jackson Yee Nominated
8th China Student Television Festival Most Watched Television Series Won [20]
Most Watched Actor Lei Jiayin Won
Jackson Yee Won
Baidu Fudian Awards Top Ten Television Series The Longest Day in Chang'an Won [21]
Sina Film & TV Award Ceremony Won [22]
11th Macau International Television Festival Best Web Series Won [23]
Film and TV Role Model 2019 Ranking Quality Web Series Won [24]
Weibo Awards Ceremony Hot Drama of the Year Won [25]
26th Shanghai Television Festival Best Television Series Nominated [26]
Best Director Cao Dun Nominated
Best Adapted Screenplay Zhuazi Studio Nominated
Best Actor Lei Jiayin Nominated
Best Cinematography Jing Chong Won
Best Art Direction Yang Zhijia, Jin Yang Won
30th China TV Golden Eagle Award Outstanding Television Series The Longest Day in Chang'an Won [27]
Best Director Cao Dun Nominated
Best Actor Jackson Yee Nominated
Audience's Choice For Actor Nominated
Best Screenwriter Gua Zi Studio Nominated
Best Cinematography Xing Chong Won
Best Original Soundtrack Duan Ge Xing Nominated


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