The Lost Children (TV series)

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The Lost Children
Starring Hudson Mills
Mikaela Devitt
Beatrice Joblin
Rhys Castle-Hughes
Tandi Wright
John Bach
Brian Sergeant
Country of origin New Zealand
No. of episodes 13
Running time 30 min
Original network TVNZ
Original release 2006 – 2006
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The Lost Children is a New Zealand drama series set in 1867. It follows four children, three of whom were shipwrecked and landed on the coast off New Plymouth, New Zealand. Siblings Ethan and Amy, who were traveling with their mother, Charlotte, from England to Canterbury; Meg, a young thief and Tama, a young Maori slave. The series was released on DVD in New Zealand in January, 2007.


The series contained 13 episodes, the DVD case containing the following synopses:

Chapter 1 - Shipwrecked on a rugged coastline, a young English boy struggles to find his family.

Chapter 2 - Meg is abducted by Te Kahu and Frank destroys the children's meesage to their mother.

Chapter 3 - The children get caught in a battle between the soldiers and the tribe.

Chapter 4 - Escaping from the soldiers, the children take refuge and are confronted by a frightening tohunga.

Chapter 5 - Meg's secret is revealed.

Chapter 6 - Meg tries to rescue the others from the orphanage.

Chapter 7 - Meg searches for her father while the others meet a dodgy botanist.

Chapter 8 - The children enter a haunted village.

Chapter 9 - Arriving in Wellington, the children have to find a way across Cook Strait.

Chapter 10 - Conflict rages as the children are stranded on an island.

Chapter 11 - The children finally set foot on the South Island but Tama is not welcome in his home.

Chapter 12 - The journey through the mountains brings unexpected danger.

Chapter 13 - The children and Charlotte arrive at the farm where Frank lies in wait.


  • Hudson Mills - Ethan
  • Mikaela Devitt - Amy
  • Rhys Castle Hughes - Tama
  • Beatrice Joblin - Meg
  • Tandi Wright - Charlotte
  • John Bach - Frank
  • Brian Sergeant - Harold

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