The Lost Files (Torchwood)

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"The Lost Files"
Torchwood audioplay
Torchwood Lost Files.jpg
Cover of the CD box set of all three plays
Director Kate McAll
Originally broadcast 11–13 July 2011
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"The Dead Line" (radio play) Torchwood: Children of Earth (serial)

The Lost Files is a series of three radio dramas released prior to the fourth series of Torchwood, a British science fiction television series which airs on the BBC. These dramas aired as BBC Radio 4's Afternoon Play on the 11,12 and 13 July 2011 and feature the regular cast. Although broadcast to coincide with the airing of Torchwood: Miracle Day, two of the episodes are set prior to the Torchwood: Children of Earth miniseries of 2009, as they include the character of Ianto Jones, who is killed off in the 2009 miniseries. The episode "The House of the Dead", however, is set right before "Children of Earth"'s epilogue.

Title Writer Director Original airdate
"The Devil and Miss Carew"[1] Rupert Laight Kate McAll 11 July 2011[2]
When Rhys' uncle dies, the Torchwood team discover an alien device at his nursing home and the race is on to stop a masterplan that will unleash chaos across the planet.
"Submission"[1] Ryan Scott Kate McAll 12 July 2011[3]
The Torchwood team investigate an underwater mystery. When they are all lost in the Ocean, they are at the mercy of a hungry alien.
"The House of the Dead"[1] James Goss Kate McAll 13 July 2011[4]
Everyone gets their hearts ripped into tiny little shreds.


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