The Lost Masters (Kool Keith album)

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The Lost Masters
The lost Masters.jpg
Studio album by Kool Keith
Released 2003
Genre Hip hop
Label DMAFT Records
Kool Keith chronology
The Lost Masters
White Label Mix Series, Vol. 1
(2004)White Label Mix Series, Vol. 12004

The Lost Masters is an album by American new school pioneer Kool Keith.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Tess Shit"
  2. "Baby Baby"
  3. "You Can't Go Outside"
  4. "Robert Perry"
  5. "Freaks"
  6. "Girls Want You"
  7. "New York City"
  8. "Shit Expands"
  9. "Cleavage"
  10. "Girl You Know"
  11. "Telephone Girlfriend"
  12. "Everybody Playin' Here"
  13. "Taking Pictures"
  14. "Gina Called"
  15. "Same Sound"
  16. "Trying To Talk To You"