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The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

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The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain
Developer(s)Bright Star Technology
Coktel Vision
Publisher(s)Sierra On-Line
Producer(s)Sherry Wrana
Designer(s)Ward Makielski
Programmer(s)Mark Marion
Composer(s)Jonathan Cunningham
SeriesDr. Brain
Platform(s)Macintosh, Windows 3.x
ReleaseAugust 1995[1]
Genre(s)Educational, puzzle, animation, comedy, sci-fi

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain is the third installment of the original Dr. Brain series, which were educational games published by Sierra On-Line.


An educational game for children was different. Puzzles are needed to be done to put Dr. Brain's brain back together again.


The main navigation area

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain features science-related puzzles similar to the first two games in the series. Previous instalments featured a large, semi-free-roaming environment, but The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain restricts the player to a single area (Dr. Brain's laboratory), with puzzles accessed from a central 'map' screen. Dr. Brain's niece, Elaina (voiced by Kayce Glasse) replaces Dr. Brain as host and serves as a guide to Dr. Brain's mental pathways. While the previous games' puzzles ranged across a variety of disciplines (both Castle and Island contained memory and word puzzles, as well as puzzles related to art and the sciences), The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain focuses solely on the human brain, with puzzles related to spatial orientation, memorization, and symbolic association.



The game scored positive reviews by Computer Shopper as entertaining in August 1995 and by PC Gamer for having "educational value" in December 1996.[5]

Next Generation gave three stars out of five for Macintosh version of the game, and commented that its gameplay and simplicity is appropriate for younger audience.[3]


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