The Lost Treasure of Big Audio Dynamite I & II

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The Lost Treasure of Big Audio Dynamite I & II
Big Audio Dynamite II - The Lost Treasures of Big Audio Dynamite I & II Coverart.png
Compilation album by Big Audio Dynamite
Released 7 December 1993
Genre Rock
Label Alex Records[1]
Producer Mick Jones
Big Audio Dynamite chronology
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(1992)On The Road Live '921992
The Lost Treasure of Big Audio Dynamite I & II
Higher Power
(1994)Higher Power1994
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[2]

The Lost Treasure of Big Audio Dynamite I & II is a compilation album by Big Audio Dynamite. The album was released 7 December 1993 in Australasia only.[3]

The album features 14 remixes of classic Big Audio Dynamite hits, by such pre- and post- acid house remixers as Rick Rubin, Sam Sever, Paul "Groucho" Smykle and Andre Shapps. On Disc 1, the remixes are intended to enhance, rather than to deconstruct, the songs, allowing the hooks to continue to drive the new versions. On Disc 2, many recognizable elements of the songs are stripped away, leaving only a rhythmic shell.[4] The album closes with a new song, "Looking for a Song", a future hit for the band, which in this album has not been subject to remixing.

Track listing[edit]

CD One[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Bottom Line (Def Jam Remix)" Mick Jones 7:26
2. "E=MC² (Extended Remix)" Dan Donovan, Jones, Don Letts 5:35
3. "This Is B.A.D." Jones 5:53
4. "Medicine Show (12" Remix)" Jones, Letts, Leo Williams 8:55
5. "Badrock City (Remix)" Jones, Letts 7:03
6. "Hollywood Boulevard (Remix)" Jones, Letts 5:47
7. "Lovesensi Overture (Remix)" Big Audio Dynamite 5:02

CD Two[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Contact (Club Mix)" Donovan, Jones 6:43
2. "If I Were John Carpenter (Remix)" Jones 7:26
3. "Free (WTG 12" mix)" Donovan, Jones 7:16
4. "In Full Effect (Remix)" Jones, Greg Roberts 7:18
5. "Rush (UK White Label Remix)" Jones 8:48
6. "The Globe (Studio 54 Mix)" Jones, Gary Stonadge 6:48
7. "Innocent Child (Ambient Mix)" Jones 5:47
8. "Looking for a Song" Jones, Portaluri, Sion, Zefret 3:42