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The Loud House

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The Loud House
Nickelodeon The Loud House Logo.png
Genre Animated sitcom
Slice of life
Created by Chris Savino
Directed by
  • Chris Savino (2016–18)
  • Kyle Marshall (2016–present)
  • Amanda Rynda (2018–present)
Creative director(s) Amanda Rynda (season 4–present)
Voices of
Theme music composer
Opening theme "In the Loud House" by Michelle Lewis, Doug Rockwell, and Chris Savino
Ending theme Credits Theme by Freddy Horvath and Chris Savino
Composer(s) Doug Rockwell
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 68 (113 segments) (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Chris Savino
Co-Executive Producers:
Mike Rubiner (2018–present)
Producer(s) Karen Malach
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Nickelodeon Animation Studio
Distributor Viacom Media Networks
Original network Nickelodeon
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release May 2, 2016 (2016-05-02) – present
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The Loud House is an American animated television series created by animator and comic illustrator Chris Savino for Nickelodeon.[1] The series revolves around the chaotic everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud, who is the middle child and only son in a large family of 11 children. It is set in a fictional town in Michigan called Royal Woods which is based on Chris Savino's hometown of Royal Oak.

The series was pitched to the network in 2013 as a two-minute short film entered in the annual Animated Shorts Program. It was greenlighted for production the following year. Episodes are produced at Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank, California and animated by the Canadian studio Jam Filled Entertainment. The series is based on Savino's own childhood growing up in a large family, and its animation is largely influenced by newspaper comic strips.

Nickelodeon first released two preview episodes of The Loud House to its website in April 2016. The series officially premiered on May 2, 2016. Two seasons have since been broadcast, and a third is currently airing. Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies announced in March 2017 that the program will be adapted into a theatrical feature film, with a planned release date of February 7, 2020.[2]

The Loud House has gained high ratings since its debut, becoming the top-rated children's animated series on American television within its first month on the air.[3] The series has received widespread attention and nominations at the 28th GLAAD Media Awards and the 29th GLAAD Media Awards for its inclusion of Howard and Harold McBride, two supporting characters who are a married gay couple, whose introduction into the series led to a ratings surge.[4] In May 2017, the main characters of the series were featured on the front cover of Variety as an example of cultural and ethnic diversity impacting television programs.[5]

On March 6, 2018, it was announced that The Loud House has been renewed for a fourth season, and a spin-off series, which is currently under the working title Los Casagrandes, has been greenlit.[6]


In the fictional town of Royal Woods, Michigan, Lincoln Loud is the only boy and middle child in a family of eleven children. He has ten sisters with distinctive personalities: bossy eldest child Lori; ditzy fashionista Leni; musician Luna; comedian Luan; athletic Lynn; gloomy goth Lucy; polar-opposite twins Lana and Lola; child genius Lisa, and baby Lily. Lincoln occasionally breaks the fourth wall to explain to viewers the chaotic conditions and sibling relationships of the household, and continually devises plans to make his life in the house better.


SeasonSegmentsEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
15226May 2, 2016 (2016-05-02)November 8, 2016 (2016-11-08)
24926November 9, 2016 (2016-11-09)December 1, 2017 (2017-12-01)
3TBA26[7]January 19, 2018 (2018-01-19)TBA

Listen Out Loud

Nickelodeon and its YouTube channel have done a series of podcasts called Listen Out Loud where each member of the Loud family does a podcast revolving around their topics.

  1. Meet the Family - The Loud siblings start their first podcast where they can't come up with a topic about it.
  2. Luna Loud - Luna Loud and Chunk give a virtual tour of Luna's home music studio where Luna talks about her musical instruments and her inspirations where some of her instruments keep disturbing Mr. Grouse.
  3. Lola Loud - Lola Loud does her podcast called "The Lowdown with Lola" where she starts dishing out the latest Loud family gossip much to the dismay of her siblings.
  4. Leni Loud - With help from Lincoln as her producer, Leni gives a virtual tour of the Royal Woods Mall where she shows her favorite stores and the different shopkeepers that she knows.
  5. Luan Loud - Luan Loud teaches her listeners the basics of playing pranks on anyone where she demonstrates each one on her siblings much to their annoyance.
  6. Lori Loud - With Bobby on her phone helping out from his current location, he and Lori talk about the day when they first met. When they over-romanticize the details on their first date, Lynn and Luan take part in the details by telling them what happened and how they had to make sure Bobby was good for Lori.


The main characters. Clockwise from left: Luan, Leni, Lori, Lincoln, Clyde, Luna, Lynn, Lucy, Lisa, Lola, Lily, and Lana.

Loud Family

  • Lincoln Loud (voiced by Sean Ryan Fox in the pilot, Grant Palmer in episodes 1–22,[8] Collin Dean in episodes 23–onward) – The 11-year-old sixth child and only son of the Loud family, who has white hair and a chipped front tooth. Lincoln has a passion for comic books (especially for his favorite superhero Ace Savvy) and is often shown reading them while wearing only his underwear. He breaks the fourth wall on a regular basis by speaking to the audience about the chaotic conditions and sibling relationships of his household when he always spend times with his sisters and always survives with them.
  • Lori Loud (voiced by Catherine Taber)[9] – The 17-year-old eldest child of the Loud family and the only Loud child with a driver's license. Lori is depicted as a bossy, short-tempered, sarcastic, and cynical teenager who is condescending towards her younger siblings. Despite this, she cares deeply about her family. Lori is usually seen talking to her boyfriend Bobby on her smartphone and uses the word "literally" frequently. In some episodes, Lori is shown to have a flatulence problem that she refuses to admit by stating that it was either her shoes or the creaking floorboards making the noise.
  • Leni Loud (voiced by Liliana Mumy)[10] – The 16-year-old second child of the Loud family who is almost always seen wearing sunglasses on top of her head. Leni is depicted as a beautiful, ditzy blonde who shows talents in fashion designing, lock-picking, and wood-carving on occasion. She has a fear of spiders that is referenced in multiple episodes, most notably "Along Came a Sister". As Lori's roommate, Leni would tend to borrow some of Lori's clothes without asking, which leads to them occasionally fighting over them. Along with Luna, she has the best relationship with Lincoln of his older sisters.
  • Luna Loud (voiced by Nika Futterman)[11] – The 15-year-old third child of the Loud family. Luna has a habit of speaking in a mock British accent. She is a wild and upbeat musician who owns various instruments, with her signature one being a purple electric guitar. She very closely follows the words of her idol Mick Swagger and always encourages her family to "stay cool". In the episode "For Bros About to Rock", it is revealed that Luna has ruined all of her siblings' first concerts.
  • Luan Loud (voiced by Cristina Pucelli)[8] – The 14-year-old fourth child and comedian of the Loud family and Luna's roommate. Most of her dialogue consists of bad puns, much to the annoyance of her siblings. She wears her hair in a ponytail and has buck teeth with braces, giving her a squirrel-like appearance. Every April Fools' Day, Luan becomes a prank-obsessed maniac which leaves her family and Clyde in complete fear of the holiday as they try to avoid her pranks. In addition to comedian works and pranks, Luan is an expert clown, mime artist, juggler, and ventriloquist where she owns a ventriloquist dummy named Mr. Coconuts.
  • Lynn Loud, Jr. (voiced by Jessica DiCicco)[8] – The 13-year-old fifth child and athlete of the Loud family who is named after her father. She tends to start competitions among her siblings and plays a large amount of sports like baseball, basketball, football, and soccer.
  • Lucy Loud (voiced by Jessica DiCicco)[8] – The eight-year-old seventh child of the Loud family and Lynn's roommate. Lucy is a gothic girl with interests in poetry, séances, and gothic fiction as well as owning some pet bats. She has pale white skin and long black hair with bangs that cover her eyes. Lucy also has an uncanny ability to suddenly appear in places, which often frightens her siblings.
  • Lana Loud (voiced by Grey Griffin)[8] – The six-year-old eighth child of the Loud family[12] and the twin sister of Lola. Lana is a tomboy who loves to play in mud and get her hands dirty, which often annoys Lola. She is a skilled handyworker who loves animals (mostly frogs and reptiles). In "Ties That Bind", it is revealed that she was born two minutes before Lola.
  • Lola Loud (voiced by Grey Griffin)[8] – The six-year-old ninth child of the Loud family and the twin sister of Lana. Lola is a bratty "Princess" who is skilled at plotting and scheming to get her way. She becomes maniacal if her siblings anger her in any way. She is mostly seen wearing a pink dress that conceals her legs and a tiara on her head. She is constantly entered in child beauty pageants and is the tattletale of the group. Notably, she is the only Loud child to call Mr. Loud "Daddy".
  • Lisa Loud (voiced by Lara Jill Miller)[13] – The four-year-old tenth child of the Loud family. She is a child prodigy who has a PhD and yet is still in kindergarten. She enjoys solving complex equations and math problems and performing elaborate experiments where she would often using her siblings and Clyde as test subjects. She wears round glasses, speaks with a lateral lisp, and laughs maniacally when performing experiments.
  • Lily Loud (voiced by Grey Griffin)[8] – The one-year-old baby of the Loud family. She is mostly seen wearing only a diaper. Lincoln shares a special connection with Lily and babysits her on several occasions. She has a habit of losing her diaper causing her to go naked and also causing her fellow siblings to put her diaper back on. The only phrase Lily says aside from gibberish is "poo-poo", generally coupled with her diaper flying across the screen or having needing a change in her diaper.
  • Lynn Loud, Sr. (voiced by Brian Stepanek) – The father of the Loud children. His whole face is unseen until the second season. Lynn, Sr. often breaks up fights between his children before it goes too far and does all the cooking in the family as he dreams of being a chef. In "Along Came a Sister", it is revealed that he has a fear of spiders like Leni. In "Anti-Social," it is revealed that he has a band called the Clang with Kotaro.
  • Rita Loud (voiced by Jill Talley) – The mother of the Loud children, the daughter of "Pop Pop", and the niece of Ruth. Her face is also unseen until the second season. She is the only Loud whose name does not begin with "L". Rita is caring towards her children, but is not afraid to punish them if their fighting goes too far. Rita is shown to be more level-headed than Lynn Sr. In "A Novel Idea", Rita works as a dental assistant and is writing a novel that could lead to a different career path. Her name is a pun on the words "read aloud."

Pets of the Loud Family

  • Cliff – The Loud family's pet short-haired cat, who is named after Cliff Sterrett. In the episode "Pets Peeved", Cliff is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Geo – The Loud family's pet hamster, who normally travels in a hamster ball.
  • Walt – The Loud family's pet canary, who is named after Walt Kelly. Most of the time, he has an angry expression on his face.
  • Fangs – One of Lucy's pet bats.
  • Hops – One of Lana's frogs.
  • El Diablo - Lana's pet snake.
  • Izzy - Lana's pet lizard.


  • Clyde McBride (voiced by Caleel Harris in seasons 1–3,[8] Andre Robinson in season 3–onward) – A nerdy 11-year-old boy who is the best friend of Lincoln and the adoptive son of Howard and Harold. Clyde owns a walkie-talkie that he uses on missions with Lincoln. Clyde shares many interests with Lincoln such as video games and science fiction movies. He has an unrequited crush on Lori and tends to faint when she talks to him. When Lincoln cosplays as Ace Savvy, Clyde dresses as his sidekick One-Eyed Jack. Early in the show's development when the Loud family was originally composed of anthropomorphic rabbits, Clyde was a beaver.[14]
  • Howard and Harold McBride (voiced by Michael McDonald and Wayne Brady)[15] – Clyde's overprotective fathers who care deeply about their son's well-being. They shower Clyde with attention and rarely let him do anything unsupervised. Howard tends to get overemotional while watching his son grow up and is rather neurotic. Harold is a skilled chef who acts more calm and collected. In "Attention Deficit," it was revealed that Howard was part of a band in college while Harold played baseball in college. The McBrides are the first married gay couple to be featured in a Nickelodeon program.
  • Roberto Alejandro Martinez-Millan Luis "Bobby" Santiago Jr. (voiced by Carlos PenaVega) – A Mexican-American teenager who is Lori's boyfriend and older brother of Ronnie Anne. Bobby is often nicknamed "Boo Boo Bear" by Lori. He does various odd jobs like grocery store stockboy, lifeguard, mall security guard, pizza delivery man, department store worker, and tour guide. Although he and his family moved away to live with the Casagrande family in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos," he and Lori managed to find a way to make their love relationship work.
  • Ronalda "Ronnie" Anne Santiago (voiced by Breanna Yde) – The younger sister of Bobby who is Lincoln's classmate and love interest. She is very tough and enjoys skateboarding, playing video games, and pranks. Although she and her family moved away to live with the Casagrande family in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos," she still tends to contact Lincoln through the laptop and mail him her pranks at her old house.
  • Chester "Chunk" Monk (voiced by John DiMaggio) – A burly British man who is Luna's roadie. In "Roadie to Nowhere", Chunk's real name is revealed and was revealed to have been a musical alumnus at Lori, Leni and Luna's high school. In the same episode, it is revealed that he has his own band and a flat that he lives in when he isn't doing events that don't require him sleeping in his van.
  • Mr. Grouse (voiced by John DiMaggio) – The elderly bald-headed neighbor of the Loud family. In "11 Louds a Leapin'", it is revealed that Mr. Grouse tends to confiscate any items of the Loud siblings that end up on his property. Also, it is revealed that Mr. Grouse has an extended family that he can barely pay a visit to due to financial difficulties. In most episodes, it is shown that Mr. Grouse can be bribed with certain foods like Mr. Loud's lasagna in exchange for favors.


  • Agnes Johnson (voiced by Susanne Blakeslee) – Lincoln and Clyde's teacher at Royal Woods Elementary.
  • Albert "Pop Pop" (voiced by Fred Willard) – Rita's father, Ruth's brother, and the kids' grandfather who is a former army soldier.
  • Flip (voiced by John DiMaggio) – The elderly, cheap, and smug owner of "Flip's Food N' Fuel". He also works as a vendor when not at his gas station. In "Net Gains," it is revealed that Flip is a sponsor of the Turkey Jerkies, has unpaid citations in his car, and was recognized by some prison inmates on the prison's basketball court when he drove by implying that he was in prison once.
  • Girl Jordan (voiced by Catherine Taber) - A female student who is a classmate of Lincoln.
  • Liam (voiced by Lara Jill Miller) – One of Lincoln's friends who has a Southern accent. He enjoys loud music, exclaiming that he wants the music "turned up to eleven".
  • Maria Santiago (voiced by Sumalee Montano) - The mother of Bobby and Ronnie Anne. She works as a nurse.
  • Rusty Spokes (voiced by Wyatt Griswold) – The talkative member of Papa Wheelie's bicycle gang who is one of Lincoln's schoolmates. In "Back in Black", it is revealed that Rusty has a brother named Rocky, who has a crush on Lucy. In "Pasture Bedtime," it is revealed that Rusty is allergic to hot sauce.
  • Aunt Ruth (voiced by Grey Griffin) – The aunt of Rita Loud, brother of Albert, and the kids' great-aunt who is a cat lady. She often asks to watch her cats, eat old moldy pudding that she offers, and for the kids to massage her feet every time they visit her much to their annoyance. In "Ruthless People," it is revealed that Ruth has a lakehouse.
  • Scoots (voiced by Grey Griffin) – An old woman on an elderly scooter who is one of Albert's friends.
  • Zach (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) – One of Lincoln's friends and schoolmates. According to Lincoln in "Overnight Success", Zach lives "between a freeway and a circus".
  • The Casagrande Family - Bobby, Ronnie Anne, and Maria's extended family who live in an as-yet-unnamed city.
    • Rosa Casagrande (voiced by Sonia Manzano) - The mother of Maria and Carlos and the grandmother of Bobby, Ronnie Anne, Carlinos, Carlitos, Carlotta, and C.J. Rosa is the cook in the family and has various potions and ways of healing.
    • Hector Casagrande (voiced by Ruben Garfias) - The father of Maria and Carlos and the grandfather of Bobby, Ronnie Anne, Carlinos, Carlitos, Carlotta, and C.J. He is the proprietor of the bodega that the Casagrande family has next to their apartment.
    • Carlos Casagrande (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - The son of Rosa and Hector, brother of Maria, husband of Frieda, and the father of Carlinos, Carlitos, Carlotta, and C.J., and the uncle of Bobby and Ronnie Anne. He is a bibliophilic and absent-minded college professor who would often read facts from her book that he would asks others in a form of a "did you know" question.
    • Frieda Puga Casagrande (voiced by Roxana Ortega) - The wife of Carlos, mother of Carlinos, Carlitos, Carlotta, and C.J, and the aunt of Bobby and Ronnie Anne. She is a photographer where she can take pictures of almost everything. Frieda is also allergic to cats as seen when the local street cats invade their apartment.
    • Carlota Casagrande (voiced by Alexa Vega) - The 17-year-old daughter of Carlos and Frieda and the cousin of Bobby and Ronnie Anne. Like Leni Loud, Carlota cares about fashion and is into makeovers like Lola as seen when she tries to get Ronnie Anne into changing her appearance. She can also donate the clothes that she doesn't wear anymore and gets annoyed when Carl gets into her cosmetics.
    • C.J. Casagrande (voiced by Jared Kozak) - The 13-year-old son of Carlos and Frieda and the cousin of Bobby and Ronnie Anne who has Down Syndrome due to his child-like personality. He is usually the one who notices when the guests of the Casagrande family shows up and has a good friendship with Lincoln.
    • Carlinos "Carl" Casagrande (portrayed by Alex Cazares) - The six-year-old son of Carlos and Frieda and the cousin of Bobby and Ronnie Anne. He acts a boss and considers himself better than Bobby. In addition, he tends to hit on Lori much to her annoyance and mess with Carlota's cosmetics much to her dismay.
    • Carlitos Casagrande (voiced by Roxana Ortega) - The 2-year-old son of Carlos and Frieda and the cousin of Bobby and Ronnie Anne who has a tendency to mimic what the family members, guests, and pets do. In addition, he can perform sign language as he can't speak in complete sentences yet.
    • Lalo - The Casagrande Family's pet English Mastiff. He is larger than most dogs as he was big enough to carry Ronnie Anne. Despite being a dog, Lalo is afraid of the local street cats.
    • Sergio (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - The Casagrande Family's pet parrot who tends to tease the family members. It is implied that Sergie didn't like Bobby until he accidentally at the cookie that Ronnie Anne laced with a love potion that Lori was going to give to Bobby..


  • Becky (voiced by Lara Jill Miller) - A red-haired teenage girl who is one of Lori and Leni's friends. In "Deal Me Out," it is revealed that she is a fan of Ace Savvy alongside Chaz and Joey.
  • Bernie (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - An old man who is one of Albert's friends.
  • Chaz (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz) - An obese teenager who is one of Lori and Leni's friends. In "L is for Love," it is revealed that Chaz works at a clothing store and is a love interest of Leni. In "Deal Me Out," it is revealed that he is a fan of Ace Savvy alongside Becky and Joey.
  • Coach Pacowski (voiced by Jeff Bennett) – Lincoln and Clyde's gym teacher at Royal Woods Elementary with a stern and authoritarian personality who has a crush on Agnes Johnson. In "Teachers' Union," it is revealed that Coach Pacowski enjoys mini-golf and lives on a houseboat with his mom. Following a failed date with Agnes, he starts to fall in love with Nurse Patty after she patched him up from his obstacle course injuries and that they have common mini-golf hobby.
  • Dana (voiced by Lara Jill Miller) - A teenage co-worker of Bobby's co-worker in his department store worker. In "Party Down," she appears having become one of Lori and Leni's friends.
  • Girl Jordan (voiced by Catherine Taber) - A girl who is one of Lincoln's classmates.
  • Haiku (voiced by Georgie Kidder) - A goth girl who is one of Lucy's friends and member of the same Morticians' Club that Lucy is a part of.
  • Kotaro (voiced by Phil LaMarr) - A friend of Lynn Loud Sr. who is also part of his band called The Clang.
  • Margo (voiced by Lara Jill Miller) - A girl who is one of Lynn Jr.'s friends and teammate on some of his sports teams.
  • Sam Sharp (voiced by Jill Talley) - A teenage girl who is one of Luna's friends and fellow musicians.
  • Seymour (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - A short old man who is one of Albert's friends.
  • Whitney - A teenage girl who is one of Lori's friends. She is modeled after writer and script coordinator Whitney Wetta whose caricature was used for other background characters.
  • Wilbur T. Huggins (voiced by Stephen Tobolowsky) – The principal of Royal Woods Elementary. Like Lincoln and Clyde, he is also a fan of Ace Savvy.


The Loud House was created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. Savino based the series on his own experiences growing up in a large family.[16] Early in development, the Loud family was going to be composed of rabbits, but this was terminated when an executive asked Savino to make them human.[17][18] However, the idea of the Loud family being rabbits became used as Lincoln's dream in the Season 3 episode "White Hare." He pitched the idea to Nickelodeon in 2013 as a 2½-minute short for their annual Animated Shorts Program.[19] In June 2014, Nickelodeon announced that The Loud House had been picked up for a season of 13 episodes.[20] The episode order was later increased to 26.[21] On May 25, 2016, Nickelodeon announced that the series had been picked up for a second season of 14 episodes later increased to 26.[22] On October 19, 2016, the series had been picked up for a third season of 26 episodes.[23] Savino has cited Peanuts and Polly and Her Pals as influences on the show's characterizations and animation. Newspaper comic strips are also influences on the show's background art.

Savino's firing

On October 17, 2017, Cartoon Brew reported that Chris Savino was suspended from the studio due to allegations of sexual harassment, the report noting that rumors of Savino's behavior have existed for "at least a decade."[24] On October 19, a Nickelodeon spokesperson confirmed that Savino had been fired from the studio, and that the series will continue production without him.[25] Six days later on October 23, Savino spoke for the first time since his firing saying he said he was "deeply sorry" for his actions.[26] Alongside the announcement of the series being greenlit for a fourth season, it was revealed that story editor Mike Rubiner had now been named executive producer and showrunner.[27] On May 30, 2018, Savino was suspended from The Animation Guild, IATSE Local 839, for one year.[28]


The series debuted on Nickelodeon on Monday, May 2, 2016 at 5:00PM (ET/PT), with new episodes premiering every weekday that month.[29] The first trailer for the series premiered on March 13, 2016.[30] The series is also aired on AFN Family.

Internationally, the series premiered in Israel and Italy on May 15.[31] It premiered in Latin America, Brazil, Poland, Germany, France and Africa the following day.[32] It began airing in Southeast Asia on May 20. Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland's Nickelodeon channels premiered the series on May 30.[33] In Canada, YTV aired a sneak peek of the series on September 5, 2016, which was followed by an official premiere on September 6, 2016.[34]

The series premiered on May 15, 2016 in the Middle East and North Africa, on Nickelodeon Arabia. However, it is dubbed in Gulf Arabic.

Home media

DVD releases
Region Set title Seasons Aspect ratio Episode count Time length Release date
1 Welcome to The Loud House[35] 1 16:9 13 305 minutes May 23, 2017
It Gets Louder[36] 293 minutes May 22, 2018



The Loud House has received positive reviews, specifically for its animation, voice acting, characterization, and the heartwarming themes of each episode. Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media praised the show's voice cast and thematic messages, writing that "kids will come to The Loud House for the laughs, but they'll return for the ensemble cast and the surprisingly heartwarming themes that dominate every story."[37] Kevin Johnson of The A.V. Club gave the series a B+, noting that "the female characters are defined by their traits, but never judged for them."[38]

The characters of Howard and Harold McBride have received praise for being a positive representation of a married gay couple.[39] They are the first married gay couple to be featured in a Nicktoon.[40][41] Laura Bradley of Vanity Fair stated that The Loud House "handles the topic [of same-sex marriage] in exactly the right way...this kind of casual representation in children's programming is a milestone."[42] De Elizabeth of Teen Vogue wrote, "The best part is that the show doesn’t treat these characters any differently, or even introduce them with a heavy asterisk about their marital status."[43] The Frisky's Tai Gooden mentioned that "kids who have two dads (or moms) will be more than thrilled to see a family they can identify with on TV."[44] Time reported that "people are thrilled about Nickelodeon's decision" to include a gay couple.[45] However, the characters have been met with criticism from conservative media groups. The American Family Association objected to scenes featuring the McBride parents and attempted to push for the episode to be edited to no avail, saying that "Nickelodeon should stick to entertaining instead of pushing an agenda."[46] The Kenya Film Classification Board also called for the suspension of the series on Pay TV service provider DStv, saying that the animated series "promotes the Lesbian, Gay and Transgender agenda."[47]


The Loud House became the number-one children's animated series on television within its first month on the air.[3] Throughout May 2016, it received an average of 68% more viewers in its target audience of children aged 6–11 than broadcasts on Nickelodeon in May of the previous year.[48] As of June 2016, it was Nickelodeon's highest-rated program, beating SpongeBob SquarePants with an average Nielsen rating of 4.9 among the 2–11 demographic at the time.[49]

The Los Angeles Times cited The Loud House as a major factor in maintaining Nickelodeon's position as the highest-rated children's network in summer 2016.[50] During the show's fourth week of premieres, Cyma Zarghami announced that it was continuing to draw more viewers than any other program on the channel.[51]

The show's highest-rated episode, with 2.28 million viewers upon its premiere, is "Two Boys and a Baby".[52] This was the first episode to air after it was announced that Howard and Harold McBride would be debuting on the program. The first episode of The Loud House shown at prime time, "11 Louds a Leapin'", was the seventh most-viewed telecast across all U.S. households on Friday, November 25, 2016.[53]

Awards and nominations

The Loud House's portrayal of married gay couple Howard and Harold McBride was nominated for Outstanding Individual Episode at the 28th GLAAD Media Awards and for Outstanding Kids & Family Programming at the 29th GLAAD Media Awards. The series was also nominated for Favorite Cartoon at both the 2017 Kids' Choice Awards and the 2018 Kids' Choice Awards.

Year Presenter Award/Category Nominee Status Ref.
2017 28th GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding Individual Episode "Attention Deficit" Nominated [4]
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Cartoon The Loud House Nominated
Young Artist Award Best Performance in a Voice-Over Role – Teen Actor Grant Palmer Won
ASCAP Screen Television Award Top Television Series Doug Rockwell, Michelle Lewis, and Phillip Cimino Won [54]
2018 29th GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding Kids & Family Programming The Loud House Nominated [55]
45th Annie Awards Outstanding Achievement for Production Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production Amanda Rynda, Larry Murphy, Edgar Duncan, Hallie Wilson, and Jared Morgan Nominated
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Cartoon The Loud House Nominated
45th Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program Kyle Marshall and Lisa Schaffer Nominated
Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program Eric Acosta, Sammie Crowley, Karla Shirosphire, Kevin Sullivan, Whitney Wetta, and Michael Rubiner Nominated


On March 28, 2017, Paramount's motion picture president Marc Evans announced a movie based on the series originally set for release on February 7, 2020.[2]


A spinoff with the working title Los Casagrandes was put into development by Nickelodeon in March 2018. It will feature Bobby and Ronnie Anne Santiago as well as their extended Casagrande family living in the as-yet-unnamed big city.[56] The spinoff was greenlit to series on July 2, 2018.[57]


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