The Louisiana Weekly

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The Louisiana Weekly
Type Weekly newspaper
Owner(s) Dejoie family
Founder(s) C.C. Dejoie
Founded 1925
Language English, Spanish
Headquarters New Orleans, Louisiana

The Louisiana Weekly is a weekly newspaper published in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. It emphasizes topics of interest to the African-American community, especially in the New Orleans area and south Louisiana. It has an estimated weekly circulation of 6,500.[1]

The Louisiana Weekly was established by the C.C. Dejoie family in 1925.[2] The paper has covered social justice issues including "education, the environment, politics and protest,"[3] including such diverse topics as the Black Panther Party[4] and the threat of hydrofluoric acid contamination at a New Orleans area refinery.[5] The newspaper also has a Spanish-language page aimed at south Louisiana's significant Central American population. The newspaper presently uses the tagline "Your Multicultural News Medium".

Publication of the Louisiana Weekly was interrupted (in print only [6]) because of the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina in August and September 2005.[7]

Past issues of The Louisiana Weekly are archived by the Amistad Research Center of New Orleans.[8]


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