The Love Bülow

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The Love Bülow
Genres Indie Rap
Years active 2008 - Present
Labels MaM Records
Members Jakob Unger (keys, vocals)
Golo Schmiedt (drums, vocals)
Falk-Arne Goßler (vocals/lyrics)
Juri Westermann (bass)
Michél Kollar (guitar, vocals)

The Love Bülow is an Indie Rap band from Berlin, created in 2008. Their music is a combination of singing, Rap lyrics, Rock, Funk and Hip Hop beats.

Their first EP, „Menschen sind wie Lieder“, was presented in June 2009 by Radio Fritz (RBB) [1] and the following album was officially released on the 4th of March 2011 on the German, Berlin based music label MaM Records. The album reached No. 2 of the Amazon mp3 charts Hip Hop/Rap and No. 90 of all Amazon charts.[2]

Together with MaM Records [3] The Love Bülow also released 3 singles ( "Lieblingslied","Du Schweigst" and "Los!").

In the summer of 2009, The Love Bülow won the Berlin contest „So Klingt Berlin“ [4] and received the award "Best Hip Hop Act".[5] In March 2010 they won „Styles and Skills“,[6] another important Berlin band contest.[7] In September 2010 The Love Bülow were voted to the "Myspace Featured Artist Of The Month" [8] and made a tour around Germany as a support for the German Rap artist F.R.. After being voted to the "Newcomer Of The Year" at the German contest Local Heroes [9] in November 2010,[10] The Love Bülow went to Hungary to represent Germany in the "Local Heroes European Finals" Yourope .

Amongst several festivals, The Love Bülow performed together with Scooter in front of 5,000 spectators at the Obi-Arena Rheine in July 2011.[11]

On the 8th of October 2011, The Love Bülow performed at the German TV show Inas Nacht (ARD/NDR),[12] which was viewed by 1,46 million TV spectators.[13] Since then the band has been in the public eye.

The Love Bülow also received very positive reviews by several music media such as Piranha,[14] Triggerfish [15] and JMC Magazin.[16]


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