The Love Test

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The Love Test
The Love Test.jpg
Directed by Michael Powell
Produced by Leslie Landau
Written by Jack Celestin (story)
Selwyn Jepson (script)
Starring Judy Gunn
Louis Hayward
David Hutcheson
Googie Withers
Bernard Miles
Music by Charles Cowlrick
Cinematography Arthur Crabtree
Distributed by Fox Film Company
Release date
1 July 1935 UK
Running time
63 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Love Test is a 1935 British romantic comedy film directed by Michael Powell and starring Judy Gunn, Louis Hayward, David Hutcheson, Googie Withers and Thorley Walters. It was made as a Quota quickie.


When a woman is made the head of a chemistry laboratory, her colleagues hatch a plot to make her fall in love, and neglect her work duties.[1]



The chemistry laboratory is trying to find a way to make the cellulose used to make toy dolls in a non-flammable form. There are obvious resonances to the problem with the highly flammable celluloid used to make films like this one.[2]

Withers made four quota quickies with Powell, who she found a "difficult man",.[3]


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