The Lovelites

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The Lovelites
Also known as Patti Hamilton & The Lovelites
Origin Chicago, Illinois
Genres R&B, soul
Years active 1967–1973
Past members Patti Hamilton
Rozena Petty
Barbara Peterman
Ardell McDaniel
Joni Berlman
Rhonda Grayson

The Lovelites were an American vocal group, based in Chicago, originally composed of the sisters Patti Hamilton and Rozena Petty plus their friend, Barbara Peterman. In 1967, the trio recorded for the local Chicago record label, Bandera Records. In 1968, Peterman left the group, and was replaced by Ardell McDaniel.

One year after the change in lineup, the single, "How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad (That I've Been Bad)" was released on Lock Records. The tune, written by lead vocalist Patti Hamilton and record producer Clarence Johnson, tells of a teen, abandoned by her boyfriend, who imagines horrible repercussions when she tells her parents what's happened; the subject, teen pregnancy, was then still largely taboo on radio airwaves, and the single went on to sell 55,000 copies locally and 400,000 nationally, peaking at #15 on Billboard's soul chart, and landing the group a recording contract with the MCA-owned, Uni Records. By this time, the group had also undergone yet another personnel change, as Joni Berlman stepped in for Rozena Petty.

The girls continued working with Johnson as well another producer, Johnny Cameron, and went on to release their only album, With Love From The Lovelites. The album was not as well received as the group's previous single and subsequently flopped. Decades later, it is revered as one of the classic soul albums to come out of the Windy City, producing such standout singles as "Oh My Love" and "This Love Is Real."

After leaving Uni in 1970, Johnson started up the Lovelite imprint, and the group immediately hit with "My Conscience," which reportedly sold 70,000 in Chicago and 400,000 nationwide. The group released a handful more singles on the label, and then in 1971, Rhonda Grayson replaced Ardell McDaniel.

By 1972, the girls had signed to Cotillion Records, where they released two singles billed as Patti & The Lovelites. By 1973, the group had disbanded.



  • "I Found Me A Lover" / "You Better Stop It" - Bandera 2515
  • "How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad" / "Hey! Stars Of Tomorrow" (instrumental) - Lock 723
  • "How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad" / "Hey! Stars Of Tomorrow" (instrumental) - UNI 55181, 1969
  • "Who You Gonna Hurt Now" / "Oh My Love" - UNI 55222, 1970
  • "This Love Is Real" / "Oh My Love" - UNI 55242, 1970
  • "My Conscience" / "Man In My Life" - Lovelite 01, 1970
  • "Bumpy Road Ahead" / "Love Is Pretty" - Lovelite 02, 1970
  • "My Baby Loves Me" / "The Way That You Treat Me Baby" - Lovelite 03, 1970
  • "Love So Strong" / "Oh My Love" - Lovelite 1008, 1970
  • "I'm The One That You Need" / "Love Bandit" - Cotillion 44145, 1972
  • "Is This Lovin' In Your Heart" / "We've Got The Real Thing" - Cotillion 44161, 1972
  • "Get It Off My Conscience" / "Oh What A Day" - Lovelite 1500, 1975


  • With Love From The Lovelites - UNI 73081, 1969
  • This Love Is Real - P-Vine 2904, 1994 (Japan only)
  • The Lovelite Years - Lovelite 1021, 1999


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