The Low Lows (band)

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The Low Lows
Parker of the low lows.jpg
Parker of The Low Lows
Background information
Origin Athens, Georgia, United States
Genres Alt-country
Progressive country
Indie rock
Alternative rock
Years active 2005–present
Labels Warm
Website MySpace page
Members Mangham Parker aka Parker Noon
Brockett Hamilton
Matt Verta-Ray
Zachary Larkins
Past members Daniel Rickard
Jeremy Wheatley
Lily Wolfe
Bryan Crowell
Heidi Johnson
Greg McCue
Matt Bricker
Darian Mola Momanee
Nick Warrenchuck
Kullen Fuchs
Mike St.Claire
Paul Simpson
Eva Hanna
Mikey Dwyer
Abram Shook
Page Campbell
Matt Stossel
John Neff
Patrick Ferguson
Brent Jones
Josiah McG
Amanda Kapousouz
Perrish and Bassam Mussad
Kevin and David Nelson
Jared Theis
Brandon Newton (musician)
Christina Campanella

The Low Lows is an American avant-garde Americana/Alternative country band currently consisting of members Mangham Parker, Brockett Hamilton, Matt Verta-Ray and Zachary Larkins[1]


The Low Lows was formed in Athens, Georgia in 2005, originally consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Mangham Parker (aka Parker Noon),[2] organist Daniel Rickard, and drummer Jeremy Wheatley, all of whom are former members of the band Parker and Lily. Parker has been the only constant in the band, as Rickard and Wheatley left the band in 2008 and there have been several other musicians who have joined the band and left since the band was formed.[3][4][5][6]

The current lineup resides in Austin, Texas, USA.[7][8] With the move to Austin, their live performances found them creating lavish walls of sound, playing with as many as fourteen musicians at once. They have toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe, receiving much critical acclaim and playing for high-profile venues, including Austin City Limits.[9][10][11]

In 2006, they released their debut album, Fire On the Bright Sky, followed by their single Elizabeth Pier (2007) and in 2008, they released their second full-length album Shining Violence. After three years of touring, in early February 2011, it was reported that in the upcoming months, they would be releasing a new full-length album titled Gaudy Frame,[12] however the album was postponed. In March, 2013, it was reported that two new albums would be released in succession in 2013. These were identified as the above-mentioned Gaudy Frame and a second album titled Light All The Lights.[9]


The Low Lows songs are often considered haunting, surreal and melancholic. Their choruses often grow to become appropriately "noise drenched" and swell with a dissonance, toying with chaos, yet somehow remaining elegant, often resolving with an underlying sense of familiarity.[13][3][4][10][12][14][14]

Their style is hard to place into any combination of genres (let alone one), but is consistently referred to as experimental, lo-fi alternative rock.[15][16][17][18] Their choice of instruments (see link below: members/instruments) is also likely the reason they are also often considered alt-country or progressive country with old gospel influences.[5][19] For reasons not yet explained by the band, their MySpace page defines their style as simply thrash.[7] They have been compared to bands such as South San Gabriel, Castanets, My Morning Jacket, Phosphorescent, and Band of Horses.[3][4][10][12]

Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]


Past/Touring/Contributing members[edit]

  • Daniel Rickard - acoustic guitar, bass organ, harmonica, vocals (2005–2008)[3]
  • Jeremy Wheatley - drums (on the first 5 tours and 2 records) (2005–2008)
  • Lily Wolfe (on the first 3 tours and 2 records) - organs etc. (2005–2008)
  • Christina Campanella (2005-2008)
  • Abram Shook - organ (Euro Tour '08) (2008-2008)
  • Patrick Ferguson - drums (2008-2008)
  • Bryan Crowell - guitar, farfisa, rhodes bass (2009-2012)
  • Nick Warrenchuck - trombone drums (2009-2011)
  • Greg McCue - drums (2009-2011)
  • Heidi Johnson - trombone, acetone organ, Wurlitzer (2009-2010)
  • Kullen Fuchs - trumpet and vibraphone (2009-2010)
  • Mike St.Claire - trombone and trumpet (2009-2011)
  • Matt Bricker - trumpet, acetone organ (2009-2010)
  • Brandon Newton (2012-2012)
  • Mikey Dwyer - bass (Euro Tour '08)
  • Eva Hanna - bass
  • Page Campbell - guitar
  • Matt Stossel - steel guitar
  • John Neff- steel guitar
  • Brent Jones - drums
  • Josiah McG - drums
  • Amanda Kapousouz - strings
  • Perrish and Bassam Mussad - trumpets
  • Kevin and David Nelson - trombones
  • Jared Theis - clarinet
  • Darian Mola Momanee - trumpet and tambourine
  • Paul Simpson - singing saw[7]
  • Nick Warrenchuk - trombone



Full-length albums[edit]



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