The Lucky One (Celldweller song)

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"The Lucky One"
Song by Celldweller
from the album Wish Upon a Blackstar
Released July 26, 2010
Recorded 2004-2010[1]
Genre Electronic rock, industrial rock, electronica
Length 6:51
Label FiXT
Songwriter(s) Klayton
Producer(s) Klayton
Wish Upon a Blackstar track listing
"Gift for You"
"The Lucky One"
"The Seven Sisters"
Audio sample

"The Lucky One" is a song by industrial rock band Celldweller, the ninth track from Wish Upon a Blackstar, and was to be accompanied by Celldweller's first music video since "Switchback", a feat that later went to "Own Little World (Klayton's We Will Never Die Mix)".

Lyrics and composition[edit]

"The Lucky One" appears to deal with failure and bad fortune in a self-abasing, ironic manner, musically, like "Louder Than Words", it is more upbeat and pop-oriented than Klayton is generally known for.

Cellmate Worldwide Mass Choir[edit]

In May 2010, a competition was held on the Celldweller website, allowing people to download a sample of "The Lucky One", sing part of the chorus and post the vocals onto the site, where some of them would be mixed into the song and featured on the album.[2]

Music video[edit]

On June 4, 2010, Klayton posted an update on the Celldweller website, announcing a music video for "The Lucky One", and considering allowing fans to film his next live show for part the video.[3] He admitted he was originally going to film a video for "So Long Sentiment", but chose "The Lucky One" as "the best place to start".

There has been very little mention of a music video since then.