The Lunch (Velázquez)

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The Lunch
Diego Velázquez 016.jpg
Artist Diego Velázquez
Year c. 1617
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 127 cm × 120 cm (50 in × 47 in)
Location Hermitage, St. Petersburg

The Lunch is a very early painting by Spanish artist Diego Velázquez, finished c. 1617. The work, an oil painting on canvas, is in the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg.

The painting portrays a table covered by a creased cloth, on which lie two pomegranates and a piece of bread. People attending the lunch include an aged man on the left and a young man on the right, while, in the background, an apparently carefree boy pours wine into a jug.

On the wall in the background hang a white neck-band, a leather bag and, on the right, a sword.

The Lunch is nearly identical to another painting by Velázquez, The Farmers' Lunch (1618).