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The Luxury Institute is a New York based ratings and research organization that conducts research on the luxury industry. The company offers luxury brand research, wealth-surveys of high-net-worth consumers, and custom consulting and speaking engagements. It also publishes nine annual issues of "The Wealth Report Newsletter, which aggregates luxury industry news and data. It also hosts the, an online membership-only community for luxury professionals.[1]

The Luxury Institute's reports, as well as CEO Milton Pedraza, have been cited in luxury industry articles by publications including Marketing Week,[2] The Wall Street Journal,[3] Women's Wear Daily.[4]

Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI)[edit]

The Luxury Institute publishes annual Luxury Brand Status Index surveys, which aggregate the brand preferences of high-net-worth individuals within various luxury market categories. In 2009, some available categories included:

  • Business publications (US)
  • Business websites (US)
  • Champagne and Sparkling wines (US)
  • Cognac (US)
  • Consumer publications (US)
  • Consumer websites (US)
  • Gin (US)
  • Handbags (US, Europe, Japan, China)
  • Home appliances (US)
  • Hotels (US)
  • Jewelry (US)
  • Liqueur (US)
  • Men's fashion (US, China)
  • Men's shoes (US, China)
  • Retailers (US)
  • Rum (US)
  • Scotch (US)
  • Table wines (US)
  • Ultra luxury autos (US)
  • Vodka (US)
  • Wealth management firms (US)
  • Whiskey (US)
  • Women's fashion (US, Europe, Japan, China)
  • Women's shoes (US, Europe, Japan, China)