The Mad Capsule Markets 1997–2004

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The Mad Capsule Markets 1997–2004
The Mad Capsule Markets - 1997–2004 Coverart.gif
Compilation album by The Mad Capsule Markets
Released December 1, 2004 and July 25, 2005
Recorded 1997 - 2004
Genre Digital Hardcore, Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Rap Metal
Length 73:04
Label Victor, Speedstar (Japan) GUT Records (UK)
Producer The Mad Capsule Markets
The Mad Capsule Markets chronology
The Mad Capsule Markets 1990–1996
The Mad Capsule Markets 1997–2004

The Mad Capsule Markets 1997–2004 is third compilation album by The Mad Capsule Markets. This album features a collection of hits from Digidogheadlock to Cistm Konfliqt.... Songs were re-mastered by Takeshi Ueda for the release. Changes include extended intros to Asphalt-Beach and Bit Crusherrrr and an added scream to Scary as the song gets faster. In the UK edition the DVD was included with the disc instead of the two being sold separately as they are in Japan. The DVD features the re-mastered tracks dubbed over the original videos.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Original appearance Length
1. "Crash Pow" Digidogheadlock  
2. "Systematic." Digidogheadlock  
3. "Asphalt-Beach" Digidogheadlock  
4. "Do Justice to Yourself Do Justice to My Life" Digidogheadlock  
5. "Creature" Digidogheadlock  
6. "Tribe" Osc-Dis  
7. "Pulse" Osc-Dis  
8. "Island" Osc-Dis  
9. "Good Girl: Dedicated to Bride 20 Years After" Osc-Dis  
10. "Midi Surf" Osc-Dis  
11. "Chaos Step" 010  
12. "Gaga Life." 010  
13. "Jam!" 010  
14. "雲-Kumo-" 010  
15. "Bit Crusherrrr" 010  
16. "Fly High" 010  
17. "Scary: Delete Streamin' Freq. from Fear Side" Cistm Konfliqt...  
18. "W.O.R.L.D" Cistm Konfliqt...  
19. "Loud Up!!" Cistm Konfliqt...