The Mad Death

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The Mad Death
Country of origin Scotland
No. of episodes 3
Original network BBC1
Original release 1983 (1983)

The Mad Death is a television serial made by BBC Scotland. It was filmed in 1981 and transmitted 2 years later in 1983.


The three-part series examined the effects of an outbreak of rabies in the United Kingdom and was noted for its occasionally chilling content. It has been described by at least one reference book as being one of the most bleak and disturbing drama series ever attempted.[citation needed]


The music for the opening titles consisted of a voice whispering the first four lines of All Things Bright and Beautiful over a montage of animals' faces, distorted by a rippling water effect, symbolising the hydrophobia caused by rabies.

The episodes were filmed around Scotland including inside East Kilbride Shopping Centre.

The series has only ever been repeated once on BBC, although it was later shown on UK Gold in the 1990s. An edited version was made to film length and released on a VHS in the mid-80s.


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