The Mad Doctor of Blood Island

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The Mad Doctor of Blood Island
Directed by Eddie Romero
Starring John Ashley
Angelique Pettyjohn
Distributed by Hemisphere Pictures
Release date
Country Philippines
Language English
Budget $125,000

The Mad Doctor of Blood Island (also released as Tomb of the Living Dead and Grave Desires) is a 1969 Filipino horror film starring John Ashley and Angelique Pettyjohn. The plot involves a man traveling to an island where a mad doctor is creating zombies.


A woman running naked through the jungle on Blood Island is killed by something that resembles a man. At the same time, a ship arrives at the island carrying American pathologist Bill Foster (Ashley), who is investigating the discovery of green blood; Sheila Willard (Pettyjohn), who has come to find her father; and Carlos Lopez (Ronaldo Valdez), who wants to get his mother, Mrs. Lopez (Tita Muñoz), off the island. The captain of the ship claims that the island is cursed and tells a story of a man they picked up on a raft who bled green blood.

Sheila finds out that her father (Tony Edmunds) is a hopeless drunk. Carlos' mother doesn't want to leave the island, even though her husband, Don Ramon Lopez, is dead. Dr. Lorca (Ronald Remy) doesn't tell much about Don Ramon's death. Marla (Alicia Alonzo) drops some hints about Don Ramon, much to the annoyance of Carlos' mother.

Dr. Lorca and his assistant Razak (Bruno Punzalan) head into the jungle, looking for something. One night, a native with green sores on his body tries to break into the government house, but gets away. The next day, Willard goes into the jungle to watch Marla swim. Sheila follows him before she is attacked by a monster who butchers one of the natives. It is revealed that Dr. Lorca has been experimenting on the islanders, including Don Ramon, who was dying of cancer but was turned him into a monster by Lorca's serum.

Don Ramon kills his wife and Dr. Lorca captures Carlos. Marla, who was Don Ramon's lover, leads him to Dr. Lorca, who is apparently killed. A fire breaks out and Lorca's lab explodes. Sheila, her father, Dr. Foster and Carlos return to the ship to leave the island. A hand appears under a tarp, dripping green blood.



Brides of Blood (1968), also starring Ashley, had been popular in the US. American distributors approached Ashley to see if he would be interested in appearing in a follow-up movie. Ashley agreed, which led to him acting in and/or producing a series of exploitation films in the Philippines. The film, which cost $125,000,[1] was followed by a sequel, Beast of Blood, in 1971.


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