The Madison Misnomer

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The Madison Misnomer
Motto Vestra Pessima Feceritis
Motto in English Do Your Worst
Patron saint Genesius of Rome
Type Quarterly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Editor-in-chief Kaden Greenfield
Founded 2007
Political alignment Comedic
Language English
Headquarters Madison, Wisconsin
Circulation 15,000
Official website

The Madison Misnomer is a quarterly undergraduate newspaper published at the University of Wisconsin—Madison in Madison, Wisconsin featuring comedy articles, analysis of current affairs and culture, and arts reviews.

The newspaper is printed twice per semester as a tabloid. The front and back pages are generally printed in color while the inside pages are printed in black and white; occasionally, the entire issue is printed in color. Issues vary between eight and twelve pages. The paper differentiates itself from The Onion, which also originated in Madison, by focusing on the university and its student life.[1] It has been cited as something that makes the university "special."[2]


The Madison Misnomer was launched in 2007 by Joshua D. Moss,[1] who published the first issue before winter break. He felt that the university not having a humor publication was an anachronism.[3] Sharing the masthead with Bill Nelson until fall 2009, Moss was the editor-in-chief of the paper until Ethan Krupp assumed the editorship in January 2010.[4] Overlord Eric Wiig succeeded Krupp in September 2012.[citation needed] Wiig announced in November 2012 that the Misnomer would be published online-only for the foreseeable future due to budgetary issues.[5] He returned the Misnomer to print a year later through a partnership with the Badger Herald, one of the UW's two student newspapers, publishing a weekly one-page spread in the Herald, and, in spring 2015, re-commenced independent print publication of the Misnomer.[6][7] This event marked the end of a four-year stretch where no physical issue had been published under the Misnomer's masthead. It also served as the capstone of Wiig's editorship. Nicole Lang succeeded Wiig as Editor-in-Chief at the end of the spring 2015 semester.[7] The first woman of color to lead the Misnomer, during her tenure Lang reinstated the regular publication of print quarterlies and oversaw a redesign of the organization's logo.[8] Kaden Greenfield succeeded Lang at the end of the spring 2016 semester.[9]


The newspaper has continually supported one section since its first edition: "Sports, Technology and Thoughts On Abortion", which is always featured as the final section, inside the back cover, with articles on said topics. The paper tailors the remaining sections to each issue: examples of sections include: "Alumnus Issues", "Around Town", "Around the World", "Funny Pages", "Let's Get Sued", "Lifeways", "Men Objectifying Women Page", "Newspaper Page", "Page Sex", "Page Six (Not to Be Confused With Page Sex)", "Exclusives!", "In the Classroom", "Arts & Literature", "Halloween", "'Lost' Badger Herald Editorial Page", "Life Magazine Page", "Election Endorsements", "Food and Local Produce", "Kid's Corner!", "Politics for Dummies", and "We're Going to Hell For You!"[4]

Campus service[edit]

The Misnomer contributes to the work hard, play hard ethos of the University of Wisconsin.[10] The publication organizes events on campus, is active in student government and alumni associations, and collaborates with other student organizations.[11][12]

Fall 2013-Spring 2016: Formed a partnership with the Badger Herald to publish a weekly "roundup" in the Herald's Thursday issues.[6][13][14][15][8]

2010, 2011 & 2015: Creator of special Misnomer-edition program for UW MadHatters[16][1]

Fall 2012–Winter 2013: The Madison Misnomer Radio featured as a weekly segment in the Wisconsin Student Radio Players' eponymous radio program on WSUM, UW-Madison's student radio station.[17]

Fall 2013: With InterMission Theater, staged a reading of Pledge for Murder!, an original play written by Misnomer staff.[18]

Spring 2013: Organized student Easter egg hunt on Bascom Hill.[19]

2011 & 2013: Presenter of All Campus Party Comedy Bash[20][21]

Fall 2012: At Wisconsin's 2012 Winter Commencement ceremony, Misnomer editor-in-chief Ethan Krupp was student speaker and a member of the officiating party.[22]

Fall 2011: Produced the Madison Misnomer Radio Hour, a comedy, news, and arts talk show on WSUM. Hosted by Alec Valadez, the hour-long show aired at 1:00 Monday afternoons, and was broadcast live from WSUM's suite at 333 East Campus Mall.

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