The Magnificent (Keith Sweat album)

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The Magnificent
Keith Sweat - The Magnificent album cover.jpg
Greatest hits album by Keith Sweat
Released June, 2009
Recorded 1987-2009
Genre R&B
New Jack Swing
Producer DJ Static (executive producer), Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley, Eric McCaine, Bobby Woten, Darrell "Delite" Allamby, Roy "Royalty" Hamilton, Lionel Job, Craig T. Cooper, Stevie J, Darkchild, DJ Tom, Danny Dubbz
Keith Sweat chronology
Just Me
The Magnificent

The Magnificent is a Greatest Hits of the singer–songwriter and producer, Keith Sweat. To be released in June, 2009.

Track list[edit]

CD 1[edit]

No. Title producer Length
1. "The Songs" (Intro) DJ Static (also known as Lil' Shok) 1:08
2. "Come and Get with Me" (featuring Snoop Dogg) Keith Sweat 4:28
3. "Twisted" (featuring Kut Klose & Pretty Russ) Keith Sweat, Eric McCaine 4:08
4. "Make You Sweat (Extended Dub Mix)" Keith Sweat, Bobby Woten 5:09
5. "Something Just Ain't Right" Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley 3:38
6. "Don't Stop Your Love" Keith Sweat 4:31
7. ""Nobody"" (featuring Athena Cage) Keith Sweat 4:10
8. "My Body" (LSG) Darrell "Delite" Allamby 4:09
9. "Get Up on It" (featuring Kut Klose) Keith Sweat 4:59
10. "Right and a Wrong Way" Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley 5:13
11. "I'll Give All My Love to You" Keith Sweat, Bobby Woten 4:28
12. "Make It Last Forever" (featuring Jacci McGhee) Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley 4:07
13. "Merry-Go-Round" Keith Sweat 4:50
14. "Why Me Baby ?" (featuring LL Cool J) Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley 4:12
15. "Why Me Baby ? (Part 2)" (featuring LL Cool J) Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley 4:07
16. "How You Do Like It ?" (featuring Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes) Keith Sweat 4:12
17. "I Want Her (Remix)" (featuring Heavy D) Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley 6:14

CD 2[edit]

No. Title Producer Length
1. "One on One" Keith Sweat, Roy "Royalty" Hamilton 3:53
2. "I'll Trade (A Million Bucks) (Remix)" (featuring Lil' Mo) Keith Sweat 3:55
3. "I'm Not Ready (Remix)" (featuring Lil' Mo) Keith Sweat 4:29
4. "Come with Me" (featuring Ronald Isley) Keith Sweat 3:49
5. "How Deep is Your Love" Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley 4:48
6. "Rumors" Keith Sweat 3:39
7. "Keep It Comin'" Keith Sweat, Lionel Job 4:04
8. "Curious" (LSG featuring LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes & MC Lyte) Keith Sweat 4:16
9. "Just Friends" (LSG featuring Loon) Craig T. Cooper 3:49
10. "Love You Better" (featuring Keyshia Cole) Keith Sweat 4:31
11. "Suga Suga Suga" (featuring Paisley Bettis) Keith Sweat 3:59
12. "The Floor" (featuring R.L. of Next) Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley 3:26
13. "Your Love. Pt. II" Keith Sweat 5:53
14. "Just a Touch (Stevie J Remix)" (featuring Mase, Stevie J & Pierre) Stevie J 4:13
15. "I Put You on (Darkchild Remix)" (featuring Da Brat) Darkchild 4:38
16. "Girl of My Dreams (DJ Tom Groove Mix)" DJ Tom 4:59
17. "Twisted (Danny Dubbz Remix)" (featuring Kut Klose & Pretty Russ) Danny Dubbz 5:28