The Magnolias (band)

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The Magnolias
Origin Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Genres Indie rock, alternative rock
Years active 1984–present
Labels Twin/Tone Records, Alias Records, Veto Records, SMA Records
Associated acts The Pushbacks, Action Alert, Red Flags, The Whirligigs
Members John Freeman
Kyle Killorin
Mike Leonard
Pat McKenna
Past members Tom Lischmann
John Joyce
Ron Andersen
Tom Cook
John Devries
Sam Planet
Kent Militzer
Caleb Palmiter
Johnny O'Halloran
Dana Stewert
Dave Wiegardt
Eric Kassel

The Magnolias are an American band from Minneapolis, fronted by John Freeman. They formed in 1984 and have had numerous line up changes throughout their history, with Freeman being the only continuing member. They have released 6 full length LP's, including their latest 'Pop The Lock' in 2011.


The Magnolias formed in 1984 in Minneapolis, fronted by singer/guitarist/songwriter John Freeman. They played their first gig in early 1985 and by the end of that decade they had released 3 full length LP's on local Minneapolis label Twin/Tone Records.

With a twin buzz-saw guitar attack, sturdy yet flexible rhythm section, John Freeman's inimitable caterwauling and top-notch song writing, the band created a sound that was instantly identifiable, as well as enduring.[1] The Magnolias' high-energy American punk is consistently compared favorably to the band's influences, including The Clash, The Only Ones, The Undertones, The Real Kids and Buzzcocks.[2]

They signed to Alias Records and issued one LP, 1992's Off The Hook and an EP Hung Up On, featuring some tracks taken from Off The Hook. Another album 'Street Date Tuesday' followed in 1996, with the band back on Twin/Tone.

The late 1990s and early 2000s saw a period of reduced activity for the band. In 2007 an album of unreleased demo's and outtakes was issued, titled 'Better Late Than Never'. They undertook their first European tour in 2008 and returned again in 2009.

The band released a new album in 2011 titled Pop The Lock. it was funded thanks to, the online donation site.[3] They continue to play sporadic gigs.


  • Concrete Pillbox (1986) - Twin/Tone
  • For Rent (1988) - Twin/Tone
  • Dime Store Dream (1989) - Twin/Tone
  • Off The Hook (1992) - Alias
  • Hung Up On (1992) - 6 track EP - Alias
  • Street Date Tuesday (1996) - Twin/Tone
  • Better Late Than Never (2007) - 13 unreleased demo's
  • Pop The Lock (2011) - Veto Records


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