The Mahogany Murderers

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The Mahogany Murderers
Album cover
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series 'Doctor Who'
Release no. 19
Featuring Henry Gordon Jago & Professor George Litefoot
Written by Andy Lane
Directed by Lisa Bowerman
Production code BFPDWCC20
Release date May 2009

The Mahogany Murderers is a Big Finish Productions audiobook based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

The Companion Chronicles "talking books" are each narrated by one of the Doctor's companions and feature a second, guest-star voice along with music and sound effects.


In Victorian London, two old friends stand together against the alien threats to the British Empire. Pathologist, Professor George Litefoot and Alhambra Theatre master of ceremonies, Henry Gordon Jago.



  • Jago & Lifefoot were very popular characters who appeared in the TV story The Talons of Weng Chiang.
  • This is the first Companion Chronicles to be narrated by a character who is not strictly considered a companion. The previous stories featured characters who have either traveled in the TARDIS or appeared in multiple TV stories.
  • This is also the first Companion Chronicles story to feature three credited separate actors, as director Lisa Bowerman has a small role. Bowermen had played uncredited parts in previous Companion Chronicles.
  • Also, this is the only Companion Chronicles story in which the Doctor does not participate.
  • This story has become a sort of pilot episode, spawning its own full-cast spin-off series, entitled Jago & Litefoot. In it, Lisa Bowerman reprises her role as Ellie. Doctor Tulp also returns, now played by Toby Longworth. Conrad Asquith also reprises his role as Private Quick (now promoted to Sergeant) from The Talons of Weng-Chiang.

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