The Mahones

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The Mahones
The Mahones performing at Queen's Day in Groningen, Holland.
Background information
OriginKingston, Ontario
GenresCeltic punk
Years active1990–present
LabelsWhiskey Devil Records
MembersFinny McConnell
Katie "Kaboom" McConnell
Guillaume Lauzon
Sean "Riot" Ryan
Michael O'Grady
Scruffy Wallace
Past membersNiko Kougias, Drummer... a.k.a the Greek Peek a.k.a. Neex of Deadstok, the Caraways, with John P. Sutton of The Weakerthans & Les Six, Joe Chithalen
Mauro Sepe
Owen Warnica
Andrew Brown
GerDom "The Bomb" Whelan
Chris Scahill
Chris Smirnios
Miranda Mulholland
Ewen McIntosh
Paul "Cuzo" Mancuso
Jon Kane
Sean Winter
Mike Franey

The Mahones are a Canadian Irish punk band, formed on St. Patrick's Day in 1990, in Kingston.


The Mahones are a Canadian Irish-punk band, formed in 1990 by Dublin-born[1] Finny McConnell, as a one-off band for a St. Patrick's Day party.[2] Encouraged by a positive reception, McConnell decided to pursue the band full-time.[3] The Mahones have released thirteen albums to date with their most recent, Love, Death, & Redemption, being released in 2018.

The Mahones’ music has appeared in several major films. Recently, their song “Paint The Town Red 2010” was featured in the climactic final fight scene of The Fighter, starring Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, and Amy Adams. The film went on to win two Academy Awards and several Golden Globes.[4][5] The Mahones also co-wrote and recorded the title track for the Hollywood Pictures movie Celtic Pride, featuring Damon Wayans, Daniel Stern, and Dan Aykroyd. Their song 100 Bucks was also featured in the movie Dog Park, featuring Natasha Henstridge, Luke Wilson, Janeane Garofalo, as well as Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney from Kids in the Hall. The Mahones’ song ‘A Little Bit of Love’ is in the new film Ecstasy, based on Irvine Welsh’s critically acclaimed book.

The Mahones have shared stages and toured around the world with bands such as Dropkick Murphys, Stiff Little Fingers, Shane MacGowan and The Popes, Billy Bragg, Chuck Ragan, UK Subs, Sick Of It All, The Defects, Agnostic Front, The Buzzcocks, D.O.A., Against Me, The Tragically Hip, Crash Vegas, The Damned, Suicidal Tendencies, The Prodigy, Gwar, Skunk Anansie, Blue Rodeo, Steve Earle, The Alarm, Sinéad O'Connor, Roger Miret and The Disasters, Dylan Walshe, Flogging Molly, Spirit of the west, The Dubliners, Christy Moore, The Band and Van Morrison. The band’s cited influences included The Clash, The Pogues, Greenland Whalefishers, The Who, and Hüsker Dü. The group’s lineup has changed a number of times, with McConnell and Whelan as the main constant members. Pogues members Terry Woods and Phil Chevron joined the band on tour in 2003.[6]

In 1999, bassist Joe Chithalen died in Amsterdam shortly after a concert. He had accidentally ingested food containing peanuts, to which he was allergic. The Joe Chithalen Memorial Musical Instrument Lending Library, Joe’s M.I.L.L., was established in Kingston soon after by Wally High. The Mahones perform fundraising concerts for Joe's M.I.L.L. annually.[7]

In 2010, The Mahones started their own record label, Whiskey Devil Records, and signed a distribution deal with eOne Music.[8]

In 2014, The Mahones were nominated Best Punk Band at the Sirius XM Indie Awards.[9] In 2012, The Mahones' album The Black Irish won the Independent Music Award for Best Punk Album,[10] and Angels & Devils won Paddy Rock Radio's album of the year,[11] as well as Vandala Concepts' album of the year [12]

In 2016, Scruffy Wallace joined the band as their new bagpipe player. Wallace quit the Dropkick Murphys after 12 years with the band. That same year, Guillaume Lauzon (Formerly with Canadian Psychobilly band "The Brains") joined the band as their new drummer.


The Mahones cite The Pogues as a main influence. That band were originally called Pogue Mahone (an anglicisation of an Irish phrase meaning "kiss my arse"), but later shortened it to The Pogues. "The Mahones" is seen as similarly derived from Pogue Mahone, as a tribute to The Pogues.[13]


Current Members

Former Members

  • Dom "The Bomb" Whelan
  • Chris Ward
  • Colm McConnell
  • Paul "Cuzo" Mancuso
  • "The" Barry Williams
  • Andrew Brown
  • Ger O'Sullivan
  • Mauro Sepe
  • Owen Warnica
  • David Allen
  • Kevan Williams
  • Paddy Concannon
  • Miranda Mulholland
  • Chris Scahill
  • Chris Smirnios
  • Ewen McIntosh
  • Joe Chithalen
  • Sean Winter


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album
1993 Clear The Way
1994 Draggin' the Days
1996 Rise Again
1999 The Hellfire Club Sessions
2001 Here Comes Lucky
2003 Live at the Horseshoe
2006 Take No Prisoners
2010 The Black Irish
2012 Angels & Devils
2014 A Great Night on the Lash: Live in Italy
2014 The Hunger and The Fight (part one)
2015 The Hunger and The Fight (part two)
2018 Love + Death + Redemption


Year Album
2004 Paint the Town Red
2008 Irish Punk Collection
   1. Queen and Tequila
   2. Drunken Lazy Bastard
   3. Paint the Town Red
   4. Whiskey Devil
   5. A Drunken Night in Dublin
   6. Streets of New York
   7. Across the U.S.A.
   8. Shake Hands with the devil
   9. The Amsterdam Song
   10. Celtic Pride
   11. The Irish Rover
   12. Going Back to Dublin
   13. Down the Boozer
   14. London
   15. Whiskey in the Jar
   16. Is This Bar Open Til' Tomorrow
   17. Drunken Lazy Bastard (Live Version)
2010 Whiskey Devils - A Tribute to the Mahones
2017 The Very Best: 25 Years of Irish Punk


Year Single CAN AC Album
1996 "100 Bucks" 45 Rise Again
1997 "Rise Again" 52
1999 "When It Comes Around" The Hellfire Club Sessions
"This Old Town"
2001 "One Last Shot" Here Comes Lucky
2006 "A Little Bit of Love" (with Damhnait Doyle) Take No Prisoners
2010 "Give It All Ya Got" The Black Irish
2011 "A Great Night on the Lash" The Black Irish


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