The Make-Up discography

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The Make-Up discography
Make-Up outfits.jpg
The Make-Up's Michelle Mae and James Canty wearing one of their many matching uniforms
Studio albums 4
Live albums 2
Compilation albums 1
Video albums 2
EPs 1
Singles 8
Splits 5
Compilation appearances 10

The Make-Up was a Washington, D.C. based band formed in 1995, consisting of Ian Svenonius, James Canty, Steve Gamboa, Michelle Mae,[1] and for a brief period Alex Minoff.[2] During the Make-Up's five years of activity, they released four studio albums, two live albums, a compilation of singles and B-sides, and a number of singles and splits.[3] A posthumous live album was also released in 2006. The band was also the subject of the short film Blue is Beautiful by James Schneider, later repackaged as part of In Film/On Video in 2006.[4]

The Make-Up released records through many independent record labels, most notable among them were Dischord Records, K Records, Southern Records, and their own Black Gemini Records.[5] On their many releases, the Make-Up recorded with producers including Brendan Canty, Calvin Johnson, Guy Picciotto, Royal Trux ("Adam and Eve"), John Loder, and Ian MacKaye.


Year Title Notes
1996 Destination: Love - Live! At Cold Rice
  • Debut studio album.
  • Though advertised as a live album, Destination: Love was actually
    recorded in studio and "live" sounds were added to the final mix.[6]
1997 After Dark
  • Label: Dischord Records (Dischord #105)
  • Released: February 3, 1997
  • Live album.
Sound Verite
  • Label: K Records (KLP #64)
  • Released: February 7, 1997
1998 In Mass Mind
  • Label: Dischord Records (Dischord #113) and
    Black Gemini Records (Black Gemini #3)
  • Released: April 7, 1998
1999 Save Yourself
  • Label: K Records (KLP #105)
  • Released: October 26, 1999
2000 I Want Some
  • Label: K Records (KLP #92)
  • Released: March 23, 1999
  • Compilation release collecting 23 singles.
  • All singles included had only previously been released as 7-inch
    singles, splits, or EPs.
2006 Untouchable Sound
  • Label: Drag City (DCR #13)
    and Sea Note Records
  • Released: February 13, 2006
  • Posthumous release.
  • Live album.
  • Only official release featuring Alex Minoff.[5]

Vinyl EPs[edit]

Year Title
1999 "Every Baby Cries the Same" / "Hey! Orpheus"
  • Label: Slowdime Records
  • Backed with "Grey Motorcycle" and "I am If..."

7-inch singles[edit]

All of the Make-Up's singles and B-sides, with the exception of remixes and versions, were compiled on I Want Some (1999).

Year Title Notes
1995 "Blue is Beautiful"
  • Label: Black Gemini Records (Black Gemini #1)
  • Backed with "Type U Blood."
  • The Make-Up's first release.
  • Self-released on the Make-Up's own Black Gemini Records.
"Trans Pleasant Express"
  • Label: Black Gemini Records (Black Gemini #2)
  • Backed with Meta-Matics "Absence of Rhythm."
"R U A Believer"
  • Label: K Records (DBN 106)
  • Backed with "Dub Narcotic Disco Plate Version"
"We're Having A Baby/This is ... Young Vulgarians"
  • Label: Time Bomb Records (TimeBomb#)
  • Backed with Slant 6"I Love You A Lot/ Rebel, Rebel"
1996 "Substance Abuse"
  • Label: Time Bomb Records (TimeBomb #38)
  • Backed with "Under The Impression" and
    "Have U Heard the Tapes?"
  • Only released in Japan.[7][8]
1997 "Free Arthur Lee"

"Untouchable Sound"

  • Label: Woo Me! Records (WooMe #1)
  • Backed with "I Didn't Mean 2 Turn U On."

"I Want Some"

  • Label: Slowdime Records (US),
    Giant Claw Records (Giant Claw #19) (Australia)
  • Released: 1997 (US), 1999 (Australia)
  • Backed with "Pow! To the People."
1998 "Wade in the Water"
  • Label: All City Records
  • Backed with "Gospel 2000 Super ESP remix)."
"U R My Intended"
  • Label: K Records (KLP #86)
  • Backed with "The Choice."
1999 "Born on the Floor"
  • Label: K Records (KLP #91)
  • Backed with "Little Black Book."


Year Title Notes
1995 7-inch split with Meta-Matics
  • Label: Black Gemini Records (Black Gemini #2)
  • Self-released on the Make-Up's own Black Gemini Records.
7-inch split with Slant 6
  • Label: Time Bomb Records (TimeBomb #128)
7-inch split with Dub Narcotic
  • Label: K Records (KLP #82)
1998 7-inch split with Lungleg
  • Label: Southern Records and
    Vesuvius Records
7-inch split with The Crainium
  • Label: Slowdime Records (SD #16)

Appearances on compilations[edit]

Year Title Track(s) Label Other
1998 Selector Dub Narcotic

"Hanging out in Someone Else's World"

K Records (KLP #82)
1999 Illuminati

"Rough Riders (Make-Up / Mighty Flashlight Remix)"

Domino/Geographic Records (WIGCD #46) Collection of remixes of songs from The Pastels' Illumination.
2000 Harpsichord

"Love Calls Yr Name"

S.H.A.D.O. Records
(SUBO #15 (CD)/SUBO #11 (LP))
Only released in Italy.[9]
2001 Songs for Cassavetes
(DVD and original soundtrack)

Live performance of
"Time Machine"

Better Looking Records
(BLR #7)
DVD and soundtrack of a 90-min documentary with performances from a number of independent bands.[10]
2005 The Joe Beats Experiment Presents Indie Rock Blues

"Save Yourself / It's All for You (Remix)"

Arbeid Records Remixes by Joe Beats.
Make-Up song ("Save Yourself") mixed with a Scout Niblett song ("It's All for You").
2006 Indie Rock Blues

"Save Yourself / It's All for You (Remix)"

24-7 Records Repressing of The Joe Beats Experiment Presents Indie Rock Blues.
2007 Smokin' Aces Original Soundtrack

"Save Yourself" (version)

Lakeshore Records Original soundtrack from the 2007 film Smokin' Aces.

DVD / Video[edit]

Year Title
1998 Blue is Beautiful
  • Distributed by: Dischord Records (Dischord #114)
  • Directed by James Schneider.
  • VHS only.
  • Featured on In Film/On Video.
2006 In Film/On Video
  • Distributed by: Dischord Records (Dischord #156)
  • Released: November 7, 2006
  • Includes Blue is Beautiful by James Schneider.
  • Compiled by Schneider and Ian Svenonius.

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