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The Makers are a garage rock/rock-n-roll band from Spokane, Washington, formed in 1991[1] with releases on Estrus Records, Sub Pop Records and are currently on Kill Rock Stars Records.


For their first few albums, the members were credited with the surname "Maker", a la the Ramones. They became known for their anarchic performances, travelling between gigs in a 1965 Pontiac hearse.[1] The band's first release was the 10" "Hip-Notic" on the Sympathy for the Record Industry label, the band moving to Estrus Records for their debut album, Howl! (1993).[1] Further releases followed on Estrus, their last album on the label, Psychopathia Sexualis, introducing a retro-glam sound, the band members also adopting new pseudonyms, Michael Machine, Don Virgo, Jay Amerika, and Jamie Jack Frost.[1] 2000 saw the band move to Sub Pop, releasing the Rock Star God album. They moved again in 2004, to Kill Rock Stars.


Former Members John Gunsaulis: Harmonica, Vocals

Former Member: "Jungle" Jim Chandler: Drums



  • "Yeah Yeah Yeah" (Dionysus)
  • "Here Comes Trouble" (Estrus, 1994)
  • "I Can't Stand It" (Estrus, 1994)
  • "I Just Might Crack" (Estrus, 1994)
  • "Hip-Notic" (10" EP, Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1994)
  • "Devil's Nine Questions" (1994)
  • "Music To Suffer By EP" (Estrus, 1995)
  • "This Is The Answer" (1995)
  • "Tour Single '95" (1995)
  • "Tear Your World Apart" (Estrus, 1997)
  • "Tiger of the Night" (Sub Pop, 2001)
  • "Matter of Degrees" (Kill Rock Stars, 2005)


  • Howl (Estrus, 1994)
  • All Night Riot (Estrus, 1995)
  • The Makers (Estrus, 1996)
  • Hunger (Estrus, 1997)
  • Psychopathica Sexualis (Estrus, 1998)
  • Rock Star God (Sub Pop, 2000)
  • Strangest Parade (Sub Pop, 2002) review
  • Stripped (Kill Rock Stars, 2004)
  • Everybody Rise! (Kill Rock Stars 2005)


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