The Making of Private Pike

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"The Making of Private Pike"
Dad's Army episode
Episode no. Series Nine
Episode 076
Directed by Bob Spiers
Story by Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Produced by David Croft
Original air date 9 October 1977
(recorded 1 July 1977)
Running time 30 minutes
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Wake Up Walmington"
Next →
"Knights of Madness"

"The Making of Private Pike" is the second episode of the ninth series of the British comedy series Dad's Army that was originally transmitted on 9 October 1977.


Finally, Mainwaring has his own staff car. Pike, still heady from his raspberryade binge, borrows it to drive his new girlfriend to the cinema in Eastgate. Pike's naive and immature nature ruins the date. On the way back, however, and nine miles from Walmington, it runs out of petrol. It takes Pike all night to push it back. It's time for Wilson to have a serious word with the boy.


The car used during filming is now at Bressingham Steam and Gardens