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The Man is a slang phrase, used to refer to a generalized idea of authority.

The Man may also refer to:






  • Ric Flair (born 1949), retired American professional wrestler whose catchphrases included, "To be 'the man', you gotta beat the man!"
  • Seth Rollins (born 1986), American professional wrestler whose nickname is "The Man"
  • Stan Musial (1920–2013), professional baseball player nicknamed "Stan the Man"
  • Stan Lee (born 1922), legendary comic book creator nicknamed "Stan the Man"
  • Anthony Mundine (born 1975), Australian boxer and former rugby player nicknamed "The Man"
  • George Ireland, basketball coach at Loyola University Chicago
  • Stan "The Man" Stasiak (1937-1997), former American professional wrestler
  • The Man, a later stage name used briefly by former American professional wrestler Ray Traylor (1963-2014)
  • The Man With No Name, a later stage title used by American professional wrestler Brutus Beefcake

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