The Man Behind the Badge

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The Man Behind the Badge
The Man Behind the Badge 1251439396 1953.jpg
Genre Police drama
Developed by Prockter Television Enterprises
Directed by John Peyser, Paul Landres
Starring Norman Rose (1953-1954)/
Charles Bickford (1955) (Host)
Theme music composer Melvyn Lenard
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 episodes (live, 1953-1954)
38 episodes (filmed, 1955)
Executive producer(s) Bernard J. Prockter, Jerome C. Robinson
Editor(s) Fred W. Berger
Running time 30 mins.
Original network CBS
Picture format 1.33:1 monochrome
Audio format monaural
Original release October 11, 1953 (final network telecast: October 3, 1954) – September 24, 1955

The Man Behind the Badge is the title of a half-hour American television police drama series which aired on the CBS network from 1953–54, originally hosted by Norman Rose. In its second syndicated season, the host became character actor Charles Bickford. Years later, Bickford appeared as one of the owners of Shiloh Ranch in the NBC western series, The Virginian.

In its first season, The Man Behind the Badge aired live on Sundays at 9:30 p.m. EST opposite ABC's Jukebox Jury.[1] Beginning in January 1955, a filmed, syndicated edition of the program was distributed to local stations.

In an interview with Kliph Nesteroff, assistant director Arthur Marks stated the filmed episodes were shot at the same time and on the same sets as Treasury Men in Action.[2]


The series is based on real crime stories from around the world.

Recurring Roles and Notable Guest Stars:

Actor Role Appearances
Norman Rose Himself 52 episodes
Charles Bickford Himself 38 episodes
Charles Bronson Ralph "The Case of the Invisible Mark" (1955)
Paul Brinegar 3 episodes
Sam Flint 3 episodes
Vivi Janiss 2 episodes
Carolyn Jones Louise "The Case of the Desperate Moment" (1955)
Ann McCrea Laura "The Case of the One-Armed Bandits" (1955)
Paul Newman "The St. Paul Story" (1953)
Leslie Nielson 2 episodes
Anthony Perkins 2 episodes
Lillian Powell 3 episodes
Denver Pyle Detective Lashley "The Case of the Crying Lady" (1955)
Jason Robards "The Case of the Last Escape" (1954)
Lee Van Cleef Floyd "The Case of the Desperate Moment" (1955)
Jack Warden "The Portland, Oregon Story" (1953)


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