The Man Who Captured Eichmann

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The Man Who Captured Eichmann
The Man Who Captured Eichmann.jpg
Genre Drama
Written by Novel:
Peter Z. Malkin
Harry Stein
Lionel Chetwynd
Directed by William A. Graham
Starring Robert Duvall
Arliss Howard
Jeffrey Tambor
Michael Tucci
Music by Laurence Rosenthal
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Robert Duvall
Location(s) Buenos Aires
Cinematography Robert Steadman
Editor(s) Drake Silliman
Running time 96 min.
Production company(s) Butcher's Run Films
The Stan Margolies Company
Turner Pictures
Distributor TNT
Original network TNT
Original release
  • November 10, 1996 (1996-11-10)

The Man Who Captured Eichmann is an American 1996 television film about the capture of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann by the Israeli secret service Mossad. The film aired on the TNT Network. The film stars Robert Duvall, who produced the film, plus Jeffrey Tambor and Arliss Howard.


Set in 1960, the story follows the efforts of the Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service, to find former SS Colonel Adolf Eichmann, who ran from Germany to Argentina and took the name Ricardo Clement. He was wanted for the murders of both Europeans and Jews during the Holocaust. Learning of Eichmann's living in Argentina, the Mossad sends a team to capture him, led by agent Peter Malkin. The standing order: bring Eichmann back alive to Israel for trial.

The film ends with the take-off of the El Al aircraft taking Eichmann to face trial in Jerusalem. In real life, this aircraft was a turboprop-powered Bristol Britannia. However, the Britannia aircraft had a very short operational life, due to passenger demand for jets, and none were available for the movie. A Boeing 707-320B was therefore used instead, even though that particular marque of 707 did not fly until 1962.


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