The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes

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The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes
German poster for The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes
Directed by Karl Hartl
Produced by Alfred Greven
Written by Karl Hartl
Robert Adolf Stemmle
Starring Hans Albers
Heinz Rühmann
Marieluise Claudius
Hansi Knoteck
Hilde Weissner
Siegfried Schürenberg
Paul Bildt
Music by Hans Sommer
Cinematography Fritz Arno Wagner
Edited by Gertrud Hinz-Nischwitz
Release dates
Running time
112 min.
Country Germany
Language German

The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes (German: Der Mann, der Sherlock Holmes war) is a German mystery comedy of 1937, directed by Karl Hartl.


Hans Albers plays the detective Morris Flynn, and Heinz Rühmann his assistant Macky McMacpherson. They take a train to Brussels at night, and due to their odd behaviour and quaint clothes, railroad personnel believe that they are actually Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. This is indeed however, Flynn's and McMacpherson's intention, but as a counter ruse, they claim not to be the famous detective and his friend and they urge the railroad personnel not to tell anybody. In course they do interrogate people in order to make their cover perfect, among them are two attractive sisters, Mary and Jane Berry, who travel to accept an inheritance of their late uncle.

In Brussels the erstwhile Holmes and Watson stay at the Hotel Palace, and immediately police asks them to solve a case. During the 1910 World Exposition stamps have been stolen and replaced by falsifications. Observed and later attacked by gangsters, Flynn and McMacpherson find out that the two sister's uncle has been the forger and boss of the gang. Their working place is found in the cellary of the uncle's castle the sisters inherited.

Flynn and McMacpherson are put on trial for impersonating the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend. Then a laughing man stands up, who had observed the duo several times, and reveals himself as Arthur Conan Doyle. He explains that Holmes and Watson are fictional characters created by himself. Flynn and McMacpherson get engaged with Mary and Jane Berry.


Lexikon des Internationalen Films calls it a swinging, lively comedy. Albers and Rühmann have been two longtime major stars of German cinema and are still known for the main song in this movie, Jawohl, meine Herr'n.


The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes was released on DVD on 24 March 2009.[1]


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