The Man from Button Willow

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The Man from Button Willow
The man from button willow movieposter.jpg
Directed by David Detiege
Written by David Detiege
Starring Dale Robertson
Edgar Buchanan
Howard Keel
Barbara Jean Wong
Distributed by Eagle Films
United Screen Arts
Release date
April 3, 1965 (1965-04-03)
Running time
81 minutes[1]
Country United States
Language English

The Man from Button Willow is a 1965 American animated Western film about the adventures of Justin Eagle, the first U.S. Government Agent.[2] It was released on 3 April 1965 in the United States.


According to the film's pressbook, Dale Robertson provided the original story and financed the film though his company United Screen Arts that released the film[3] as well as appearing in the live action prologue.

Voice cast[edit]

Original Songs[edit]

  • "The Man From Button Willow" (Theme Song)
  • "Excuse Me, Ma'am"
  • "A Bright And Early Moring On The Farm"
  • "By Golly"
  • All Songs Written By George Bruns and Phyllis Bounds-Detiege

The Artists[edit]

  • Written For the Screen and Directed By David Detiege
  • Produced By Phyllis Bounds Detiege
  • Music Composed and Conducted By George Stoll
  • Additional Music By Robert Van Eps
  • Art Director: Erni Nordli
  • Film Editors: Ted Baker, Sam Horta, Ralph Ives
  • Animators: Walt Clinton, John Dunn, Ed Friedman, Morris Gollub, Stan Green, Harry Holt, Ken Hultgren, Don Lusk, Amby Paliwoda, George Rowley, John Sparey, Don Towsley, Gil Turner, Benny Washam
  • Layout: Bruce Bushman, Don Morgan, Tony Rivera
  • Backgrounds: Ron Dias, Dick Kelsey, Thelma Witmer
  • Scene Planning: Robert Brown, Buf Nerbovig, Jane Philippi, Kathrin Victor
  • Xerography: Mindy Bagdon, Jim Goodnow, Ron Honthaner, Tom Ramsey
  • Paint Supervisor: Auril Thompson
  • Camera: Max Morgan
  • Production Manager: Bill Redlin
  • Score Orchestrated By Leo Arnaud, Albert Sendrey

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