The Man from Cairo

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The Man From Cairo
The Man from Cairo FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Ray Enright
Starring George Raft
Gianna Maria Canale
Massimo Serato
Irene Papas
Distributed by Eros Films (UK)
Lippert Films
Release date
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $235,000[1]

The Man From Cairo (Italian: Dramma nella Kasbah/Avventura ad Algeri) is a 1953 British, Italian American international co-production film-noir starring George Raft, who plays a man that is mistaken for a detective by the French and is sent to find lost World War II gold in Algiers, despite the film's title.

The 1953 picture was the last completed film in which Raft had top billing[2] and the final feature film of director Ray Enright. The film was shot on location in Algeria.


Irene Papas made her American film debut.[1]

The film was made for $155,000 with $80,000 in deferrals. [1]


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