The Man from the Diners' Club

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The Man from the Diners' Club
The Man from the Diner's Club film poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Frank Tashlin
Produced by William Bloom
Written by William Peter Blatty
John Fenton Murray
Starring Danny Kaye
Cara Williams
Martha Hyer
Telly Savalas
Music by Stu Phillips
Cinematography Hal Mohr
Edited by William A. Lyon
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
  • April 17, 1963 (1963-04-17)
Running time
96 min
Country United States
Language English

The Man from the Diners' Club is a 1963 comedy film starring Danny Kaye, directed by Frank Tashlin.[1] It was made by Ampersand and Dena Productions and released by Columbia Pictures.


Foots Pulardos is a mobster who intends to go on the lam to Mexico with his moll, Sugar Pye. In the meantime, he applies for a Diner's Club card that is mistakenly approved by a meek clerk, Ernie Klenk, who is told to go get it back.

Foots uses a gym as a front for his racketeering operations. As soon as Ernie gets there, Foots finds out that they share a unique physical similarity. It gives him an idea—he will burn down the gym, with Ernie in it, and change identities to fool the law.

Complications pile up. The more involved Ernie gets with Sugar, the more jealous his girlfriend Lucy becomes. And when the corrupt couple head for the airport, it's up to Ernie to figure out a way to stop them, which he does.



The film was produced by William Bloom from a screenplay by William Peter Blatty and John Fenton Murray. The music score was by Stu Phillips and the cinematography by Hal Mohr.

Diner's Club is spelled Diners' Club in the film's title, as seen on the poster.

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