The Man in the Iron Mask (1985 film)

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The Man in the Iron Mask is a 1985 Australian made-for-television animated adventure film directed by Geoff Collins and produced by Burbank Films Australia. It is based on Alexandre Dumas' novel of the same name. It was written by Keith Dewhurst. The plot takes place years after The Three Musketeers (1986) – even though the latter animated film was released one year later – and it is known for a scene that displays a complex fireworks animation, as well for its bittersweet ending.

The film consists of 53 minutes in length and features the voices of Colin Friels as King Louis XIV, Gwen Plumb as Péronne and John Meillon in the role of Porthos. It was produced by Tim Brooke-Hunt and originally premiered on television. The Man in the Iron Mask is nowadays considered to be in the public domain.


The three Musketeers have discovered, through D'Artagnan, the existence of a twin brother of Phillipe, the King of France. The hidden brother is always imprisoned, and nobody knows his face, which is always covered with a mask of iron closed with padlock. Tired of the cruelty and tyranny with which Philippe punishes the French people, the Musketeers decide to free their twin brother and replace Phillipe with him, so nobody knows of the change and a new monarch can thus rule the country with justice and equity. However, the heroic group's plan suffers a series of setbacks and it ends in an unexpected way.


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