The Man with Blond Hair

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The Man with Blond Hair
Written by Norman Krasna
Date premiered 4 November 1941
Place premiered New York
Original language English
Subject Nazis
Genre Drama
Setting Roof of an East Side tenement; The Hoffman living room

The Man With Blond Hair is a play by Norman Krasna based on a true story. Although Krasna became better known for comedy this was a drama; the writer later said that he "really wrote" the play "to win the Nobel Peace Prize".[1] The play only ran for 7 performances on Broadway. This failure prompted him to return to comedy and Krasna wrote Dear Ruth his most popular hit.


Two Nazi airmen escape internment in Canada and find themselves in New York where they are arrested. A policeman arranges for them to escape so the policeman may recapture and beat them. One of the airman finds refuge with a Jewish family and comes to renounce Nazi ways.


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