The Man with Three Coffins

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The Man with Three Coffins
The Man with Three Coffins.jpg
Poster for The Man with Three Coffins (1987)
Revised Romanization Nageuneneun gileseodo swiji anneunda
McCune–Reischauer Nagŭnenŭn kilesŏdo shwiji annŭnda
Directed by Lee Jang-ho[1]
Produced by Lee Jang-ho
Written by Lee Jang-ho
Based on The Man with Three Coffins
by Lee Je-ha
Starring Kim Myung-gon
Lee Bo-hee
Music by Lee Jong-gu
Cinematography Park Seung-bae
Edited by Hyeon Dong-chun
Distributed by Pan Films Co., Ltd.
Release date
  • June 11, 1987 (1987-06-11)
Running time
117 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

The Man with Three Coffins (Hangul나그네는 길에서도 쉬지 않는다; RRNageuneneun kileseodo swiji anhneunda) is an award-winning 1987 South Korean film written, produced and directed by Lee Jang-ho.


The film follows the journey of a widower as he travels to his dead wife's hometown to spread her remains.[2]


  • Lee Bo-hee... Mrs. Choe[3]
  • Kim Myung-gon... Man
  • Ko Seol-bong... Hee-jang
  • Chu Seok-yang... Sashimi shop owner
  • Yu Sun
  • Gwon Sun-cheol
  • Kim Dae-hwan
  • Lee Eun-young
  • Kim Sun-ae
  • Im Gwi-ryeon