The Manvils

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The Manvils
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2005–present
Labels Sandbag Records
Members Mikey Manville
Jay Koenderman
Jason Skiendziel
Past members Greg Buhr
Andy Mac
Mark Parry

The Manvils are a Canadian rock band from Vancouver. The band consists of the singer, songwriter and guitarist Mikey Manville, bass guitarist Jason Skiendziel and drummer Jay Koenderman.

The Manvils have appeared on stage with Stereophonics, Suicide Girls, The Bellrays, The Horror Pops. Metric, De La Soul, Jarvis Cocker, Bif Naked, Sonic Youth, Ben Harper and The Relentless7, Daniel Wesley and Dragonette.

The band signed a recording contract with the Vancouver indie label Sandbag Records[1] in early 2008.

In 2008, The Manvils began writing and recording an album with the producer, Ryan Dahle (Limblifter/Age of Electric). Recorded at The Factory and The RecRoom (Greenhouse Studios), the new album was finished in early 2009. The Manvils was released in Canada on August 11, 2009, through Fontana North Distribution.[2]

The Manvils relocated to Toronto, Ontario in the fall of 2011 and Jason Skiendziel was brought on board to replace Greg Buhr on bass guitar.


  • The band appeared on the front page of the popular Canadian arts magazine ION in the April 2006 edition.
  • Their music has been used in films and television including the award winning CBC Television documentary series Moscow Freestyle and a 2007 Budweiser beer commercial.
  • The soundtrack to the 2008 horror movie Never Cry Werewolf includes eight tracks from Buried Love and two tracks from Manville's 2007 solo album Broken Arms.

Current band members[edit]

  • Mikey Manville (vocals/guitars)
  • Jason Skiendziel (bass guitar/vocals)
  • Jay Koenderman (drums/vocals)



Info Track listing

Buried Love
Year: 2007
Format: CD
Label: Sandbag Records/Manvils Music

  1. "Missing You"
  2. "Pretty Bleed"
  3. "Bible Billy"
  4. "Between The Lashes"
  5. "Undertow"
  6. "Unoriginal"
  7. "Over These Hills"
  8. "Can You Feel Me"
  9. "Buried Love"
  10. "Crowded Room"

Strange Disaster (EP)
Year: 2007
Format: CD
Label: Sandbag Records/Manvils Music

  1. "Strange Disaster"
  2. "Hang On Man "
  3. "Helter Skelter" (Lennon–McCartney)

The Manvils
Year: 2009
Format: CD, vinyl
Label: Sandbag Records

  1. "Good Luck Club"
  2. "Turpentine"
  3. "Strange Disaster"
  4. "Substation"
  5. "Riverside"
  6. "The Stoker"
  7. "Guillotine"
  8. "True Believers"
  9. "Hollow Hands"
  10. "A Few Dollars More"
  11. "Passport"

Black Tornado (EP)'
Year: 2011
Format: CD, vinyl
Label: Sandbag Records

  1. "Lions of a Lost Tongue"
  2. "Black Tornado"
  3. "Alone With You"
  4. "Castaway"
  5. "Hot Volcano Like"

Expats (EP)'
Year: 2014
Format: CD, vinyl
Label: Sandbag Records

  1. "Tambourine Era"
  2. "Expats"
  3. "Emperors"
  4. "Costume Jewellery"
  5. "Heart of the Hide"



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