Mīmu Iro Iro Yume no Tabi

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The Many Dream Journeys of Meme
Mimu, the Traveller of Many Dreams
Meme Many Journeys.jpg
Screenshot of the TV series displaying Meme on the keyboard
(Miimu Iro Iro Yume no Tabi)
Genre Drama, Adventure, Science fiction, Educational
Anime television series
Directed by Kazuyoshi Yokota
Studio Nippon Animation
Original network TBS
Original run April 3, 1983September 29, 1985
Episodes 127
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The Many Dream Journeys of Meme (ミームいろいろ夢の旅?, Miimu Iro Iro Yume no Tabi, also translated as Mimu, the Traveller of Many Dreams and Discoveries Unlimited) is a Japanese anime television series created by Nippon Animation. The show originally aired from 1983 to 1985 and was primarily educational. Episodes usually dealt with scientific discoveries and inventions, though there were also a few futuristic and science fiction stories and situations.

The series has been translated into many languages, including Spanish (as Los mil viajes en los suenos de Mim), French (as Ordy ou les Grandes Découvertes), Portuguese (as Descobertas sem limite), Hebrew (as דימי בעקבות התגליות הגדולות, Dimi Following the great discoveries, Dimi Be'Iqvot HaTagliot HaGdolot), Arabic (as اسألوا لبيبة ; Ask Labeebah; "Is'aloo Labeebah"), Serbo-Croatian (as Otkrića bez granica), Persian (as "ماجراهای دانی‌"; Adventure of Dani ), Dutch (as Eindeloze Ontdekkingen) and Cantonese (as 小豆丁).

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