The March (1990 film)

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The March
Genre Drama
Written by William Nicholson
Directed by David Wheatley
Starring Juliet Stevenson
Malick Bowens
Joseph Mydell
Sverre Anker Ousdal
Composer(s) Richard Hartley
Cinematography John Hooper
Running time 100
Original network BBC1
Original release 20 May 1990 (1990-05-20)[1]

The March is a 1990 British drama film directed by David Wheatley that was originally aired by BBC One for "One World Week". The plot concerns a charismatic Muslim leader from the Sudan who leads 250,000 Africans on a 3,000-mile march towards Europe with the slogan "We are poor because you are rich."[2]


The film's production resulted in complaints from French author Jean Raspail, alleging similarities to his 1973 novel, The Camp of the Saints. The film's producers claimed to have no knowledge of Raspail's novel when they began their project, however.[3]


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