The Marines Are Coming

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The Marines Are Coming
Directed by David Howard
Produced by Nat Levine (producer)
Written by Colbert Clark (story)
James Gruen (screenplay)
John Rathmell (story)
Starring See below
Narrated by Sean Durf
Cinematography Ernest Miller
William Nobles
Edited by Thomas Scott
Distributed by Mascot Pictures
Release date
November 20, 1934
Running time
74 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Marines Are Coming is a 1934 American film directed by David Howard. It was the final film acting role of William Haines who had a major success in the 1928 film Tell it to the Marines.

Plot summary[edit]

A brash marine is assigned to a new post which is now under the command of his former rival. The marine falls in love with his commanding officer's fiancée and romances her away from him. The day before their wedding, the fiancée calls it off after the marine is involved with an incident in Tijuana. The fiancée leaves for Central America to join her father, who is a diplomat, and the disgraced marine quits but re-enlists as a private. Assigned to a post in Central America, the marine discovers he must rescue his rival, who has been captured by the rebels plotting to overthrow the territorial governor, her former fiancée's father.



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