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The Mark News is an independent news website, which publishes opinion pieces on Canadian and international current events. The site offers multimedia commentary by Canadian professionals on politics, business, science and technology, sports and the arts.

The Mark News was launched in May 2009 by CEO Jeff Anders and Ali Rahnema, who is now a Senior Executive at Torstar and former Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at The Globe and Mail.[1]

The current Editor is Jonathan Sas, former Politics editor at the Gargoyle, an alternative arts and culture magazine published by University College at University of Toronto.


The Mark News has over 1800 contributors, from politicians and celebrities to business leaders and scientists who reflect all points of view. The Mark News recruits its contributors based on two criteria: professional credibility and a connection to Canada.[2]

The Mark News is not anchored to one ideology, but encourages its contributors to express their political bias.[3] Contributors to the site include Bob Rae, Paul Martin, Melissa Auf der Maur, David Suzuki, Ken Lum, Laura Calder, Michael Geist, Alan Broadbent, Arjun Basu, Arik Segal Adam Chapnick, Gabor Maté, Arlene Dickinson, Dominic Denny, Hadani Ditmars, Tarek Fahta, David Eaves, Avi Friedman, Jack Layton, James Hrynyshyn, Jim Flaherty, Niels Veldhuis, Roger Mooking, Charles Pachter, Garry Breitkreuz, Cadence Weapon, Ken Lewenza, Eugene Lang, Tara Hunt, Lisa Hrabluk, Yoni Freedhoff, Jordan Banks, Kevin Bartus, Chris Arsenault, Françoise Baylis, Daryl Copeland, Deborah Coyne, David Crow, Stockwell Day, Cam Di Prata, April Dunford, Mark Evans, Michael Geist, Shaun Francis, Robert Gold, Kunal Gupta, David Herle, Mitch Joel, Paul Kedrosky, Craig Kielburger, Marc Kielburger, Tony Lacavera, Mark Leslie Lefebvre, Errol Mendes, Sarah Prevette, Mark Skapinker, John Stapleton, Niels Veldhuis, Mia Wedgbury, and others.

A comprehensive list of contributors to The Mark News can be found in its alphabetical Contributor Index.[4]

Advisory board[edit]

The Mark News advisory board is composed of David Ceolin, Managing Director of Investment Grade Capital and founder of Digital Cement; Jordan Banks, Managing Director of Facebook Canada, former CEO of JumpTV and former Managing Director of eBay Canada; Arlene Dickinson, CEO of Venture Communications and co-host of CBC’s The Dragon’s Den; Paul Bain, business and entertainment lawyer at Aylesworth LLP; and Brian Cooper, President and CEO of Sports and Entertainment and former President and COO of the Toronto Argonauts.


The Mark News offers multimedia news coverage through written articles, video interviews,[5] a radio show,[6] podcasts, debates, live chats, polls, and live video conferences between readers and contributors.


The Mark News distributes its proprietary content through their website as well as through partnerships with other media outlets including:, Yahoo!, MSN, Canwest News Service[7] and Citytv.[8]


In February, 2010, The Mark News announced the close of a round of funding. The round was led by David Ceolin, Managing Director of Investment Grade Capital and founder of Digital Cement. Investors include Jordan Banks, managing director of Facebook Canada, former CEO of JumpTV and former managing director of eBay Canada; and Arlene Dickinson, CEO of Venture Communications and co-host of CBC’s The Dragon’s Den.[9]

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