The Marriage Counselor

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This article is about the play. For the film adaptation, see Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.
The Marriage Counselor
Written by Tyler Perry

The Marriage Counselor is a 2008 play written, directed and produced by the American playwright Tyler Perry. It is his tenth play.


Roger Jackson is an accountant who takes care of his wife Judith, as well as her mother T.T. and his father Floyd, who were both displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The two parents bicker constantly; Floyd smokes marijuana and grows it in the Jacksons' yard. Judith is an Ivy League-educated marriage counselor who gives marital advice every day, yet seems not to recognize the issues with her own marriage. An old college flame entices her to leave her husband, parents, home and practice. Through a series of unpredictable events, she finds that her new life may not be as wonderful as she thought. Lisa, who cleans her office, hands in her notice and reveals that she has HIV, courtesy of her womanizing, drug-using ex-husband. Unknowingly, Judith slowly leaves her life just as her husband is trying to improve and revitalize their relationship. One day he decides to surprise her at her practice.... with her new husband


  • Tamar Davis as Dr. Judith Jackson Houston Texas March 31
  • Tony Grant as Roger Jackson
  • Palmer Williams Jr. as Floyd Jackson Camden Alabama August 14
  • Altrina Grayson as T.T. Jackson
  • Myra Beasley as Michelle Smith Oklahoma City Oklahoma December 4
  • Stephanie Ferrett as Becky
  • Brandi Milton as Patrice Washington
  • Donny Sykes as Oscar Smith Los Angeles California November 19
  • Johnny Gilmore as Reverend Tank Washington
  • Nicole Jackson as Lisa Tulsa Oklahoma January 16
  • Timon Kyle Durrett as Ronald Henry


  • David Farmer (keyboards/musical director)
  • John Elmore (keyboards/sound effects)
  • Terrell Sass (drums/drum programming)
  • Phillip Muckle (bass guitar)
  • Moses Staimez (lead/acoustic guitars)
  • Ryan Kilgore (saxophone)


  • The Marriage Counselor toured between January 2008 and June 2009.

On the live tour Jermaine Sellers played Oscar. On the DVD Donny Sykes plays Oscar. The back of the DVD case says Jermaine Sellers.

DVD release[edit]

  • The Marriage Counselor is available on DVD. The soundtrack is not available.

Tamar Davis,Palmer Williams Jr.,Tony Grant,A.T. Grayson,Myra Beasley,Brandi Milton,Timon Kyle Durrett,Johnny Gilmore, Jermaine Sellers,Stephanie Ferrett,Nicole Jackson

The back of the DVD case says Jermaine Sellers

Film adaptation[edit]

A film adaptation of the play, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, was filmed in 2012, and released in 2013. The film stars Jurnee Smollett, Lance Gross, Brandy and Kim Kardashian. The film is much darker in tone than the light-hearted approach of the play.


SYKES Sykes The back of the DVD case says Jermaine Sellers

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