The Marriage Market

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Gertie Millar and Raymond Lauzerte
Millar as Kitty Kent

The Marriage Market (Leányvásár) is an operetta by Hungarian composer Victor Jacobi. It was premiered on 14 November 1911 at the Király Színház (King Theater) in Budapest and was the composer's first significant success not only in Hungary, but also abroad. The libretto was by Miklós Bródy and Ferenc Martos.


The operetta enjoyed English-language productions in 1913, in an adaptation by Gladys Unger, with lyrics by Arthur Anderson and Adrian Ross. It played at Daly's Theatre in London, starring Gertie Millar, produced by George Edwardes, and at the Knickerbocker Theatre on Broadway, produced by Charles Frohman, with additional songs by Jerome Kern.

In 1916 a Spanish-language version was produced, in an adaptation by Emilio González del Castillo, at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, under the title Jack. Jacobi's music was adapted by Pablo Luna.


  • Kitty Kent — Gertie Millar
  • Jack Fleetwood, known as "Slippery Jack" — Robert Michaelis
  • Senator Abe K. Gilroy — E. A. Douglas
  • Bald-Faced Sandy, Sheriff of Mendocino bluff and proprietor of the Palace Hotel — Tom Walls
  • Other guests on the yacht:
  • Spanish and American cowboys
  • Hi-Ti, a Chinese bar-keeper
  • Padre Pedro, a Spanish Priest
  • Captain on the 'Mariposa'
  • Midshipmen — Daisy Burrell, Elsie Craven
  • Spanish and American girls
  • Miners
  • Sailors
  • Footmen

Musical numbers (English adaptation)[edit]

Act I
  • Little Chiquita – Pablo and Chorus
  • Compliments – Mariposa, Kitty and Jack
  • Never Count Your Chickens Before They're Hatched – Emma and Blinker
  • American Courtship – Kitty
  • The One I Love – Mariposa and Jack
  • Come On Boys For This Is Market Day – Chorus
  • Hand In Hand – Mariposa, Jack, Kitty and Hurlingham
Act II
  • All the Ladies Love a Sailor Man – Captain
  • Love Of Mine – Mariposa and Jack
  • The Middy – Kitty
  • A 1 – Blinker
  • On Their Honeymoon – Company
  • June Is In the Air – Mariposa and Jack
  • Answers – Kitty
  • How Things Happen – Hurlingham and Blinker
  • It's Late Now – Blinker
  • Jilolo – Kitty
Additional Numbers
  • I'm Not A Silly Billy – Kitty
  • The Boy In Blue – Captain
  • I Don't Believe In Fairies Now – Blinker
  • The Heart of a Sailor – Captain and chorus
  • Very Little Time For Loving Nowadays – Blinker and chorus
  • Joy Bells – Blinker and chorus


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