The Marvel Action Hour

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Marvel Action Universe
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The Marvel Action Hour
Formerly known as The Marvel Action Hour
Network syndication
Country of origin US
Owner Genesis Entertainment
Format week end animated series
Running time 60 minutes
late 1995: 90 minutes

Marvel Action Hour, later 'Marvel Action Universe. was a syndicated television block from Genesis Entertainment featuring animated adaptions of Marvel comic book heroes the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Biker Mice from Mars.[1] The Marvel Action Hour debuted in 1994. The Marvel Action Hour lasted two seasons before being cancelled.


The first half of the hour was an episode of Iron Man; the second half an episode of Fantastic Four (many episodes of which were direct recreations of episodes from the original 1960s series). During the first season, Stan Lee was featured speaking before each show about characters in the following episode and what had inspired him to create them.

The show underwent a notable modification when broadcast on the BBC in the United Kingdom; because the BBC does not feature commercial breaks, the two shows that made up the Marvel Action Hour would actually only have totaled about forty minutes, and so episodes of the 1980s Incredible Hulk series were added between the two original shows to bring the whole bundle up to the promised hour in length. The Stan Lee segments were, however, dropped.

Both the Fantastic Four and Iron Man were radically retooled for the second seasons, sporting new opening sequences, improved animation, and more mature writing, though the introductions by Stan Lee were shortened and now against a green screen displaying various production paintings from both shows.

In most markets, the second season was known as Marvel Action Universe with the addition of Biker Mice from Mars,[1] which was the name of a previous syndicated programming block in the late 1980s.

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