The Marvelous Palace And Other Stories

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The Marvelous Palace and Other Stories
Author Pierre Boulle
Country France
Language French
Genre Short stories
Publisher Groupe Flammarion
Vanguard Press (English)
Publication date
1977 (English)
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 187
ISBN 0-8149-0788-1
OCLC 3965973
LC Class PZ4.B764 Mar PQ2603.O754

The Marvelous Palace And Other Stories (French: 'Histoires Perfides') is a collection of short stories by French author Pierre Boulle, published in French in 1976 and in English in 1977. The English language edition is translated by Margaret Giovanelli. The collection contains six stories, all thematically related, and presented in the voice of a centenarian story-teller from the Orient.

The collection includes an introduction, in which the narrator introduces the storyteller, who is generally referred to as "Old Man." After the introduction, each of the six short stories is narrated by the Old Man:

  • The Royal Pardon
  • The Marvelous Palace
  • The Laws
  • The Limits of Endurance
  • Compassion Service
  • The Angelic Monsieur Edyh

The stories are all recountings of tales from the Old Man's distant past as a minister of "the Religion of Doubt" in the far off Kingdom of Shandong. Each story presents a brief moral dilemma, usually with a surprise ending.