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The Master (1980 film)

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The Master
Directed byLu Chin Ku
Written byKuang Ni
StarringChen Kuan-tai, Yuen Tak, Wang Lung-wei
Release date
  • May 23, 1980 (May 23, 1980)
CountryHong Kong

The Master (known previously in the United States as 3 Evil Masters) is a 1980 martial arts film produced in Hong Kong. It was directed by Lu Chin Ku and produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio.[1] While The Master was Lu's attempt at kung fu comedy similar to Jackie Chan movies of the time, he continued on to create films with a more fantastical flair.[2]

In the story, the three antagonists, each with a certain fight gimmick, defeat Jin Tuan-Yun and take over his kung fu academy. A young student, Gao Jian, nurses Jin back to health, and in return is taught a variety of secret martial art techniques in order to win back the school.[1][3]


  • Chen Kuan Tai – Jin Tien-yun
  • Chiang Lin – Student
  • Wang Lung-wei – Yan Qing-wang
  • Eddy Ko – Ko Han
  • Lau Hok Nin – Shi Chen-chung
  • Yuen Tak – Gao Jian
  • Chan Lau – 2nd brother
  • Ai Fei – 1st brother
  • Wen Hsueh Erh – Shi's daughter


Underground rapper Afu-Ra, who regularly references kung fu pop culture in his music, has a song called "3 Evil Masters".[4]

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